Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yummies: We have fluttery hungry hearts for Peanut Butter!

Dear Peanut Butter Inventor,
Oh...the Aztec Native Americans invented it? OK...awesome....

Dear Aztec tribe,
Thank you!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your gooing, sticky, healthy, filling and muy delicioso peanut butter paste!

We heart it sooooo very very much. We can't think of a another food we heart as much as our go to snack, treat, craving satisfier, tummy filler than good ol' fashioned peanut butter.
P.S. Before we go on...can we take a moment to express our feelings about that processed store stuff? Yes, we super know it tastes soooo sweet and creamy but did you know it's hardly real peanut butter?

It's filled with sugar and hydrogenated oils! So give your body a break and try the au natural stuff you mix yourself when you crack the lid...it's really good!

OK...with out further chit chat...we give you our fave ways to devour the yummy stuff.

Really? Chocolate filled Peanut Butter cookies? Seriously? No....for reals?

And here is how to make it!!! Can't wait!

Last month for a certain lucky girls birthday she got a delivery from one of her lovers JN of the most unbelievable PB frosted chocolate cupcakes!!!!

The entire box was gone in 1 day!
So we had no choice...we were forced to learn how to make these decadent treats!!!
Here is a link to the ridiculously delish frosting....
And one for the Magnolia Bakery, cakey part...2 parts so it's doubly decadent!

On a trip to the PB restaurant in NYC (see told you we heart the stuff)

we came across our dream sandwich. The Elvis.

Supposedly Elvis hearted PB and banana grilled sandwiches soooo much he ate them everyday!

And now we can too! They are amazeballs!!!!

Need a great tasting milkshake filled with protien and yummy stuff but are just saying NO to dairy? No problem!

Try this PB ice cream shake. Sounds sooooooooooooooo good!!!!!

Melted Peanut Butter Cup 'n Banana Shake
vegan, serves two

1 1/4 cups Bliss Coconut Milk chocolate 'ice cream'
*You can also use another brand of rice, soy, hemp or coconut ice cream. But Bliss is amazingly rich because it is made with coconut milk, which is higher in fat than soy or rice milk.
1 large banana, frozen or raw
1/3 cup coconut, soy, rice or hemp milk
5 big ice cubes
*(coconut water or non-dairy milk ice cubes work best)
1 Tbsp peanut butter
dash of cinnamon

Add the 'milk', cinnamon, peanut butter, banana and 1/2 of the 'ice cream' to a blender.
Add all the ice cubes.
Blend on med-high until the ice is blended. Then on a very low speed, blend in the remaining 'ice cream'.

And our most favoritest way to eat PB? By itself...or as a super filling and healthy snack.
We LOVE eating it with apples!

And crunching on celery boats filled with PB is perfection!!!!!

OK...we lied....still to this day...the 1 thing that heals all...a hangover, a sick tummy, a growling belly, and our sweet and salty cravings???

Oh nothing....just a PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY sandwich!!!!!!

Remember this post? Yup...we are still in love.

So how ever you heart your PB....enjoy it!!!!

xoxo things we heart


Good Girls Studio said...

My stomach is growling now! Those cookies are calling my name, I might have to make some :)

lamb83 said...

Omg,your awesome post totally made my mouth water(and reminded me of this music video,lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wBx_2dluD4 )Thanks for all the to-die-for recipes!