Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decor to Die For: I'm swinging in the sun...just swinging in the sun...

Ahhhhh. The sun is shining...the birds are singing...the breeze is breezing... what we wouldn't do to be lying in a hammock right about now....

Ewwww not that kind of hammock.....

This kinda hammock!

This classic pillowed Pottery Barn striped number screams.."YOU NEED ME NOW!"
Imagine reading your favorite book cuddled up in this sturdy bad boy.

Hello hammock that belongs in our homes right now...literally right this second!!!
Look at that crazy cute rainbow striped fabric! And those gorgeous bright orange ropes!
Only Marimekko could bring us such a uber cute and crazy girly sexy and modern take on the hammock.

Ooohhh! Loving this huge hammock bed created indoors! Tres Chic!

What an amazing place to take a cat nap! Just watch out for that wine when the hammock goes a swingin!

Oh...what's that you say? You would love to have a hammock bed outside too? No problem!
For $19,000 this ridiculously rad canopy hammock bed can be all yours!
Views not included. They should probably be for $19,000! Right??!?!?

Not all hammocks are soft and smooshy...This one from our fave store ever...Anthropologie proves that in the best and most chic way.

Those colors, that weave pattern...TDF!

Uuuughhhh! Loving this idea for a bohemian outdoor living space!

The platform bed mixed with the lantern and crazy chic black brazilian hammock is amazing!!!!
Yes please! Asap!!!!! Hello? Anyone? We want! Hmmm...hello?

Don't have trees or posts to put your swing de la chillin'? No problemo!
Tarjay has a super cute summer-esque printed one for you. You don't even need a yard for this one! Put it up anywhere for a staycation that would make any recessionista proud!

Now don't forget your accoutrements for lounging in style al fresco.
We are totally hearting this hammock caddie to hold all your necessities.
Now you never have to get up! That's a good thing cuz getting in and out of hammocks can be tricky after a cat nap or 3.

Not feelin the ropey fabric beds of relaxation? OK....then how about this kinda ropey bed of relaxation?
Yeah...exactly...we f'n heart this too!

So whether you have a hammock or not...or you have a yard or you don't...this Summer take some time just for you in the great outdoors and relax. Enjoy nature...

xoxo things we heart

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Jules said...

ahh buying myself a hammock asap. love all your posts! always so inspiring. xo