Thursday, June 3, 2010

Color Crave: Pretty in pastel pink...

(Photo: Feministing)
While we are aware that we have bloged about our love for pink before... We are so hearting baby pastel pink right now we had to give it another go.
If you read about color therapy, they say that pastel pink represents compassion and an open heart. Perhaps that is why we are craving this color right now...

For just a hint of this lovely color, Lou Rota makes these amazingly Rocking Granny china plates. You can get yourself some at Not On The High Street.

(Photo: Elle Decor)
Ready to commit, well first answer us this, Are you as bad ass girly girl as the one and only Betsey Johnson? If you have answered "YES!!" to that question... Can we meet you and be your friends? A yes answer also allows you to live in a all pink super chic world like Miss Johnson herself!

The photo above and this one bellow of Betsey Johnson's apartment are both proof that all pink decor when done right, is super swoon worthy and jealousy inducing!

(Photo: Elle Decor)

Can you believe that you never thought of this before? And we always thought we had such a way with flower arranging...
Amazing loosey goosey Peony flowers in a mason jar... with coffee beans!!!!
(Yep we feel it deserved four exclamation points, its that good.)

Now if only one of our closest friends would hurry up and either get married or have a baby girl we could use this flower arrangement at their shower...

Look at your wall.... Is it looking a little bare? Do you need a little Umph? (Yes it is a real word, we think), then how about this simply adorable pink print from artist Faroush? You can grab yours over on Etsy.

(Photo: Faroush)
Now while we have seen this saying on a print before... We are super big fans of this version... Love the little white scalloped border and the black needle, it is so Cinderella and her mice.

Looking for more of a pop? Another Etsy find... JohnWGolden has these pop art, tough girl converse on a pink background. We would hang this one right in the bathroom... We know that may not sound like the biggest compliment, but to us it is... Right over the toilet is a place of honor... It sets the tone for your house's style. Plus everyone will see it!

(Photo: JohnWGolden)

Leave it to Kelly W. to be way ahead of the crowd. When we first saw her guest house in Domino we were a little confused, she had changed up her style on us.. But of course she found a great new one...

(Photo: Domino Magazine :()
Oh, how we covet this tableaux! Oh, how we wish this was our room! The painting, the brass lamp, the amethyst encrusted box.. Perfection!

Look close our loves, and you will see that this beautiful bride is wearing a blush toned wedding gown... Do word exist to say how much we heart that? No.

Another super beautiful lineup of pink comes in this pretty photo from one of our most fave sites, Decor 8.

So pretty.
And this delicious and pretty pink cake would make any birthday girl smile.
These stairs are what inspired this post.. Although I am sad to say that I have had this picture on my computer for so long floating around in my "Inspiration" folder, that I don't remember where I found it. :(

But, I do know that the combination of pink and white stairs plus the super cute Mama and Baby in the background make me really happy.

This baby pink wall with antique mirrors also makes me really happy! Check out that light pink velvet tufted sofa... N.K.Y I wish I knew who made it, I would try and get you a red one!

Another really pretty flower arrangement we found on the beautiful site All Things Lovely. We heart the mercury glass vase and the pretty pink Ranunculus.

Even in little pops pink can always make yo smile, can always make you feel calm and happy.

Open your heart and let a little pink in to your world.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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