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Beauty-fuls: It's Bath Time! We heart luxurious baths...

Calgon...take us away!

It was once just for the wealthy as getting water to an individual source was hard..but with technology and good plumbing (woo hooo! we lurve technology!!) we can almost always enjoy a good bath.'s still a ritual.

For centuries baths have been looked upon like a sanctuarious (is that a word?) place to relax, calm down and unwind.

And thankfully, baths are still as good as they were then...we would argue they are even better!
Sure there is no one doing the dirty work for you but..ahhhhh...there is nothing quite as relaxing and luxurious as a good old fashioned bath.

Baths can be used for body therapy (and super obviously mental therapy..where would we be with out them!), cleaning, sleeping aids or just a quiet place to get a warm bubble-filled mini vacation...

We heart Luxurious Baths!

There are soooo many ways to enjoy the yummy warm waters of a bath...millions of gourmet products...ranging from salts, to bubbles to oils and beyond! Then there are literally hundreds of ways to achieve your nirvana through the soapy suds.

We gals of T.W.H. are the connoisseurs of are a few of our fav products to take you away...

This anti stress bath soak from Bath and Body is part Indian (Cardamom) and part Thai (Lemon Grass) and all business. It soothes away stress and melts in the tub. Mmmmmmmm...
Oh gosh how we need this next one ASAP!
As soon as we got over the ridiculously rad vintage-eque packaging...we realized this CO Bigelow (amazing store in NYC!) herbal soak was for cold and flus! YES PEASE!
Filled with essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus and chalk full of echinacea and ginger extracts, this cure all soak is a must for that pesky winter cold and flu season.

Speaking of suuuper cute packaging...Bath Seltzer Soothing Bath Salts are TDF.
Our fav is the calendula and geranium! It's perfect for your little getaway...
It nourishes your skin as well as your soul. Just seeing this super cute jar (scoop included inside) next to your tub will cause you to take waaay more baths...

The amazing company Farmaesthetics created the most beautiful oils free of synthetics (yay!)
to moisturize and condition all your most prized body parts..

The soy oil they use is said to have balancing effects on the system.

The super cute and crazy amazing company Philosophy take their popular signature scent, Grace, for your 3-in-1 bathing pleasure.
Hi...3 in 1? Yup! You can use this poppy, mimosa and creamy woody scent on your hair, body and in the bath for a uber luxuriously smelling soak.

OK, we have been waiting for a while to show you these unbelievably fantastically packaged bath salts from The Bubble Roome.

They are created from Dead Sea Salts, sea kelp and aloe vera whose mineral properties heal, hydrate and re-mineralize the skin.

Their amazing healing salts come in many different essential oil blends for all of your ailments.
And their fantasmically vintage packaging doesn't hurt either.

We all loooooove Laura Mercier for her beautiful make up and beauty products.
Well the queen of "natural" beauty created a super lux line of bath products for us lovers of the tub.
Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut Milk and Honey bath is TDF. You had us at Coconut milk for crying out loud!
It reinvigorates the mind and body while moisturizing your gorge gams. comes with a wooden honey dipper for the perfect bath.

Need to get a great gift for that hard to shop for friend? Beau Bain (beautiful really is ..isn't it?) created these petite bath bombs for the perfect lux bath.
Drop one of these lavender and black amber...yuuuummmmm (they have a few different scents for your smelling pleasure) beauties into your tub and they fizz and your water into a seltzer of heavenly scents.

Now, if we were walking down the street and randomly stopped us and asked, "What is your favorite bath time necessity?" We would quickly and simply answer..."Bath Bombs from Lush and the most amazing one is by far the Ma Bar!"
It fills your tub o love with chocolate essence and toffee goodness. Plus when you get out not only does your skin smell good enough to eat ...hee hee...but it's as soft as butter cream frosting.

We were lucky enough to be able to go to the sacred lands of India and learned just how sacred bathing is. That is when our love affair with the perfect bath began.

Hotels in India actually offer creating lux baths for you in your room!
We walked in and the most gorgeous and magically relaxing scent of their special oils filled the room...
Then they filled our tub with milk, saffron thread and rose petals!!!!

If you have never bathed with rose petals and milk then you need to ASAP. Nothing is more decadent and special.

It is like honoring yourself for your hard work.

Since our glorious trip to India, we have been searching high and low for a smell that makes us
feel as gorgeous and goddess like as that scent...until now!
The one and only Target and Marcia Kilgore (yes from Bliss) teamed up to release Soap & Glory, the super cute, vintagey line of luxurious bath and beauty products.

Ad their Calm one Calm all bath bubbles smells soooooo good you literally think you are in Heaven. And best thing besides the crazy amazing smells of musk, amber bergamot and citrus (yummmy to the 3rd power!) it has body lotion built in! cute is this bubble bath machine!
The vintage pink pod would look crazy cute on any tub. Who doesn't loooove tons of bubbles?
We personally would love to swim in a sea of them.

Now, with all the gorge products listed above for your bathing's time to take it up a notch with the perfect bath.

Here's a how if you needed one...

-Take one of the glorious products above (or 2...mixing is even more luxurious)
or you can use Epsom Salts (amazing!)
-A rubber us it helps with relaxation
-Music- hey we gave you all the choose your music...
-Body oil to silkify your limbs head to toe.

See? Easy peasy!

1. Turn off the ringer on your phones, Blackberries, Iphones or what ever you have that interrupts your YOU time.
2. Light candles
3. Fill tub with water to your liking...the warmer the better...but not too hot. You have to enjoy it.
4. Drop in oils, bath bombs, salts or bubbles while the tub is filling for a perfect mixing of the water and product
5. Get in...lay back...close your eyes...

xoxo t.w.h.

Oh P.S. They make amazing thank you gifts. Put some Epsom salts in a beautiful apothecary jar with a gorge black ribbon...done and done.

P.P.S. Create a basket filled with Bath Salts, Bubbles, Candles and Chocolates for amazing...never to be forgotten gift... Easy, fun and suuuuper sexy.
You're welcome!

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