Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion: Put a ring on it... Uh Uh Oh

You know what they say... "If you like it, well, you should have put a ring on it."
But what if you like yourself? Do you still get a ring? We think so!
Here are a few beautiful rings you can put on yourself... Because I also seem to remember some one saying...
"All the women, independent."

And what could be more independent and womanly then the Cartier Panther ring?
Ohhh Yes... And look how good it looks wrapped around Edward, I mean Robert, I mean Edward, nope that is Robert for sure....

Oh wait, it's a panther ring not a cougar ring.. Calm down Miss Me.

You remember how much we love rock and minerals? Well look at this beauty of a ring.

Hey! How did you get in here?

Ok Ringo, we heart you too.

You dirty little diamond you...

In the last year we have developed an unhealthy obsession with Melissa Joy Manning's rings.

We say unhealthy, because we spend countless hours looking at her website and her wares, and still can't decide which one we love the most and need to have.... Can't we have all of them?

We are also in love with this gold dagger ring.

It is so beautiful and so classy, yet at the same time it reminds us of those little plastic swords they use to stab the olives in your martini!

We know this girl... Who loves a ring... OK her initials are G.L.B and
turns out this is her dream engagement ring!

And we could not agree more... It is like her personality was turned into a ring. All bright colors and mathematical angles and radness. We hope she gets it... Even though I know 2 little boys that will miss her terribly when she gets married and leaves home.

We are so in love with this badass stingray ring.

It kind of leaves us speechless.

Don't forget to try ebay for amazing rings as well, they are less expensive and more unique then anything you can find at a store.

Perfect example... This Rhino ring...

Remember ladies... You can always put your own ring on it...
But we still LOVE this song and love the video even more!

We are currently trying to teach the two Jr. Miss Me boys the dance...
Uh Uh OH!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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