Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decor to Die For: Book Worm

If you are anything like us (even when we lived in our cutie bean apartments the ole H'wood) we looove a good book on display. Everything from gorge coffee table books, to our fave decor books, and the books we get lost in.

Nothing tells a better story (haha we are talking books and said "nothing tells a story" ..funny) about you like the books you keep.

But what happens after you read them? How do you part with a great book that changed your life or even just took you on a journey away from your real life?

2 things...
2. Decorate with them! Display them...they are a part of you now. Why shove them under a bed or in a tired old bookshelf?

Here are a few of our fave ways to display your readings...besides just stacking them up on a coffee table (yes, i am talking to you Mr. TWH) you know we are getting a wee bit obsessed with Lucite it will be no surprise that we totally uberly heart this way to show off your books.

So casual, yet totally chic when stacked under a clear bedside table....

Oh, what's that? You don't have a bedside table? No problem!
Stack your faves (to about the same height) next to you and put up a cute vintage lamp...voila! Chic bedside table. OH..PS...just make sure the rest of your room is crispy and clean...that way it will look stylish and not "Oooops I need to take a trip to IKEA and pick up a cheap pair of tables"

Uuuuggghhhhh!!!! We are dying over this room and how they display their books!! And hanging a dress as art? YES PLEASE!!!!!

The black walls and the crisp (yes a bit too opulent) furniture are perfect backdrops for the bright book covers to look like perfect works of art.

*** We also need to state here...when ever displaying books...stack them in different directions. On their sides, up, diagonal, between collectables....***

Yummy, yummy, in my tummy of my brain!!!!!! This gloriously beautiful yet tiny NYC apartment comes alive with all of the stories they have collected!!!

Love the wall made into a mini library and how all of the white is the perfect backdrop for the books and collectables...See how they stacked them here too?

OK....DEEP BREATH...deep! Now breathe out....and in....and...AHHHHHH!!!! With a cherry on top! (not moschino cherry...a real one!) Organizing and displaying books by the color of the cover is Tres Chic! No need for anything else with that wall of popping color!

Remember above? Yup...stack your big coffee table books up to make a divine end table.
Throw a beautiful candle on top and voila!

Still not sure what to do? Make a book shelf from your books!
Love the theme here ;)

Here we go fucking gorgeous is this room filled with books??!?!?!?!
The crispy white, the lucite, the powder blue ceilings, the stunning objects against the walls of bright and perfectly displayed books? Done and perfectly done!!!!

A beautiful chair is a good a place as any to display your faves!

But what good is a great book with out a perfect place to read it? Get your self a reading nook!

Hello beautiful and welcoming reading nook! How are you? Perfectly feminine with a pop of all of our fave colors? are yummy!

Nothing says serious reading goes on in this nook like the joys of masculine yet totally chic greys and blues! Get a pipe and you are good to go!

We love the partnership reading going on in this slick and sleek mini library nook...
And that floor? TDF! You and your partner can have a read-off!

Hello seaside perfection....this nook is glorious! Sooooo welcoming and cozy!!!!
P.S. You don't need a big space to create a reading are a few easy breezy steps to get your own...

1. Get a great chair...flea market or salvation army and reupholster yourself! go here to learn how

2. Plug in a cute light or lamp

3. Throw on a cozy blanket

4. Grab a small side table (or make one of books) to hold your candle wine or hot cocoa

5. And of course a good book

What ever you read, collect, it with love and will kiss us later ;)

xoxo things we heart

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