Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Hearts: We heart Fashion Docs!

Remember a few months ago when we talked about an amazing HBO doc about the Schmatta biz?
You know...that rad documentary about how the "real" fashion business works.

You have to see it if you haven't already! We all take for granted the gorgeous clothes that stomp down the runways at the Shows on the stupidly tall skinny models...

And forget they are actually created from a pencil and piece of paper...handed to a pattern maker, then a sample maker, then a sewer and so on and so forth (wow that sounded sooooo my mom! on and so forth? Geez super grown up!)

Here's a clip in cased you missed it on HBO...

Now we can't go on ramblin and ramblin about our fave new fashion docs without talking about our undying heartville love for the one...the only...the fantabulous...ISAAC MIZRAHI and his doc, Unzipped.

It came out in the '90s...during the era of Docs and flowers...striped and ditsy prints, Isaac brought the world light, womanly sparkly clothes du jour. And another amazing part of this doc?

Oh, not just an amazing behind the scenes of the making of his collection...but the SUPERMODELS! Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Shalom....soooo good! the reason we decided to be obsessed with these docs again (well we never really stopped...especially since September Issue came out!!!) is all due to the 4th Muskateer..CF.
He (yes, he is the cutest beared he, ever) learned of our obsession with all things Anna and let us in on a little secret called, Lagerfeld Confidential.

We have no how fucking rad this documentary is! It follows Karl around (yeah no shit) during photoshoots, fashion shows, meetings.

Although it's all in French (subtitled) there is no missing how genius he is. One of the most profound, modern people around today.

His main message is always move revel in the past is to say that the now means nothing and is not important to you.
And PS his Ipod, book, ring and collar collection are on the verge of hoarding but not at all...does that make sense?
Even if you could care less about fashion..Coco or Karl watch just to get inspired by his profoundness of life.

Now, one of Karl's best buddies (hahahaha love to say's soo unglam when talking about the next doc) is the Queen of mean...the ruler of the fashion universe...Anna Wintour.

The documentary, The September Issue follows her around during the making of Vogue's most important issue.

It tries to show her vulnerability and show that she is not the character we saw in The Devil Wears Prada, but you can see how unbelievably stringent, smart, and all business she is.
Oh that and talented.

The only time she really praises another at the magazine for being as genius as her, is when she speaks about Grace Coddington.
She is the fashion editor and director there and you know her shoots and styling as soon as you lay your beautiful eyes on them.

Grace's passion for drama and unabashed emotion and the modernness of fashion is in every single photo shoot she does.

Still need a reason to see this movie?

Really you do? Even after the whole Devil Wears Prada thing?

OK...she tells Oscar De La Renta not to put certain pieces in his own show! Balls!! Or is it just power?

A few months ago we cried while we watched Valentino: The Last Emperor.

It is a behind the scenes and into the sheets look at the King of gorgeous gowns, Valentino. It follows him around during the last collection he designs for the label and shows his huuuuge rise in fashion through all of his hard and amazing times.
We get to meet his array of super cute pugs that he takes everywhere,

we get to know his business partner and the backbone of Valentino, Giancarlo Giammetti and see his love of beauty never ever went away through all of his years in fashion.
If anything it just grew more.

The most consistant thing about Valentino's life is his tan...oh that and his love for the most gorgeous red you have ever seen...

OK and dresses that will make you weep.

Now, all of that said (dude so much said!! sorry!!!!!) if you are too antsy pants to sit through anything over an hour or anything too meaningful and feeling inducing...we suggest a few lighter fares...

Not documentaries persay, but they do follow the fashion bunches through the dramas of the fashion industry.

P.S. We thinks these 3 are most likely lightly scripted (especially The City) but they are still super fun to watch.

1. Rachel Zoe Project-

We Die for this docu-drama that follows Rachel Zoe and her amazing assistant Brad around while styling LA's "elite"

2. Kell on Earth-

Ugggh we love Kelly Cutrone and her cut throat geniusness in the world of fashion PR

3. The City-

The most fake of them all...we can't stop watching the bitchiness and weird jaw of Olivia and the crazy too sweet and still naiveteness of Whitney.

There is 1 that we can not quite get our sparkly fingers on that we are freaking out to watch!

It's about 1 of our boyfriends!!! Marc Jacobs!!!!
Help us find it!!!! Oh..and not for a gazillion dollars. Thanks!

Let fashion and it's insanely vain yet kinda importante world take you away for a second.

xoxo things we heart


Ana said...

Great doc!! Seen it twice already and love it every time!
try here:

Anonymous said...

You can look up the Marc Jacobs doc on You Tube. Some of it is in French but it's amazzzzzzing!