Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yummies: Pickles & Ice Cream

Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag....
(Both TWH girls are expecting babies early next year!)

A few things may be clear to you, our devoted readers...

OHHH, that is why they started posting every few days instead of every-single day...

OHHH, that is why they can't stop talking about Candy Corn!!

Yes it is true! We are in the throws of making babies and making babies calls for one thing....

FOOD! And lots of it!

Thank goodness our cravings go more the way of Candy Corn and Cheerios then pickles & ice cream... Because, that is really just gross.

If any of you have been pregnant, you will know that it is really hard.... Really hard to stay away from sweet treats!!

But, we want our babies to be big chubby chubsters... Not the mamas!
When people say, look at those adorable chubby thighs, we want to know they are not talking to ours!

All that being said, while a salad may be nice... Yummy & healthy...

Ice cream is a great way to follow-up that healthy lunch!

We can't deny these little babies anything... So while we are pregnant we are gonna enjoy ourselves! It only happens, once, twice, three or nineteen times depending on who we are talking about.

So if you are like us, enjoy every second of your baby making!
Indulge in stuffing your face when the house is empty! Just take a nice long a walk afterwards.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


lamb83 said...

We are all SO thrilled and excited for you ladies and your families! May God bless you both-wishing you safe,happy and healthy pregnancies and deliveries <3 <3

Ina said...

congratulations ladies! I'm so happy for you. Are you going to announce what sex the babies in your bellies are?
I'm currently pregnant(4,5 months) as well. I just found out i'm having a baby boy. My appetite has not been all that great, but now that the nausea seems to be subsiding i'm waiting for those pickles and icecream cravings to come in. ;)
You definetly should post some great maternity clothes. I need some inspirations.. i'm sure other big bellied ladies out there do too. ;)