Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decor to Die For: We amore much super cute Sal y Pimiente shakers

What is super important to every kitchen...come in many colors...make any dish, dessert better...and add flavor to every table or counter top?
Give up? Yup! Super cute salt and pepper shakers!!!!

We heart 'em more than you can imagine...
If we are not careful...we will both end up old bubbies with shelves filled with fun salt and pepper shaker collections.

But who can blame us when there are soo many rad ones out there?

Like these sail boat ones that inspired this post!

Live near the beach or wish you did? Throw this uber cute set on your table and set food afloat!

Last Xmas, Miss TWH was the super lucky recipient of these TDF cats from a certain fellow sister wife of Jonathan Adler.

Soooo chic yet totally playful and fun to throw on any table for a dinner party!

So naturally after getting those cutie beans...we HAVE to have these sexy Mr and Mrs Muse shakers from our BF, JA. LOVE!!!

But Dear Johnathan...will you make them in gold and silver metallic? Thanks!!!

We came across these Devil & Angel shakers when perusing today and loved them soooo much we ordered them for our brother who appreciates fun kitchen stuffs too.

How cute are they????

And shpeaking of cute...dying for these "Peaceful" shakers.

Loving the dove and the cloud.
These would love to be displayed with the rest of your collection...maybe on a vintage cake stand or on the back of your oven.

For your friend or family member that is too chic for words...the ones that have the gorgeous marble modern kitchen or just looove modern style...

These rosewood beauties are perfect for them. Soooo sleek and lovely!

And what retro lover could be with out these vintage inspired shakers?

Right??! They just make you smile looking at them!

SO spice up your life, food, tables and kitchens with a lil pizazz and cuteness by grabbing some TDF shakers!

Easy Peasy!

xoxo things we heart

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