Monday, September 27, 2010

Yummies: Candy Corn!!

Lets say that one day, Miss. Me & Miss. t.w.h were to find them selves on top of a New York city apartment building, busting some ghosts... And they were warned not to think of any one thing in particular because the evil spirt would take the shape of whatever they thought of and use that form to try and destroy them. It wouldn't be the Stay Puft Marshmallow man stomping through New York.

It would be the equally delicious and slightly less sinful Candy Corn Monster!

Because every year as Halloween draws near, our minds turn to one thing only....

Alright two things, Candy Corn and Costumes.
But, because this is yummies day lets talk Candy Corn!

Did you know that October 30th is National Candy Corn day?
Well, neither did we but we all know now and we intend to celebrate!

How about throwing a little Pre-Halloween candy corn party?

Here are some yummy looking recipes for Candy Corn cookies if you get bored of eating them straight from the bag... LIke that could ever happen!

First up comes from Miss Martha... So you know they are gonna be cute.

Also delicious looking, but lacking in actual Candy Corn are these candy corn inspired cookies from The Recipe Girl.

But like we said, the best way to eat them is very slowly one by one savoring every second straight from the bag! Yummy!

In case you are wondering Just what this candy corn is made of... Well look here.
The bad news is, it's nothing good for you... The good news is, they are fat free.
We call that a draw.

Oh my goodness! Look at these Candy Corn rattles! Little teething softies for the babies in your life. Looks like I know what my partner is getting for National Candy Corn Day!

Go ahead, be naughty eat some candy!
Halloween only comes once a year, and that means Candy Corn only comes once a year, enjoy it while you can!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart


Angie said...

Do you like to have Candy Corn Fangs? I do. I like to make fangs out of Candy Corn and then use my sweet fangs to eat the rest of their little Candy Corn friends. Is that weird?

Miss Me, will you make me those Candy Corn cookies?? PLEEEAASE?

kkist said...

A Bowl of Candy Corn and Roasted peanuts is a great fall treat....try it is heaven with the sweet and salty!