Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Friday: We super heart rad jewelry way under $100!

And no...this isn't "Rad Jewelry Under $100...(that's really $99.99)" This is super cool jewelry that you for sure need to mix with your shmancier stuff and glittery baubles that happens to be under $100 considerably....
Oh! No need for kisses! Oh!! Hhaahaha...OK ....tickles are totally an appropriate payback.
You're so welcome!

So you know how we just said this stuff would die to be mixed with a sparkly ring (whether it's fake and fun or totally real) or 2...or gold amazing bangles?

Well, this amazing bunny ring from Calourette is exactly what we were talking about!

This fucking awesome Alice in Wonderland meets Acid ring would look sooooo good next to some stacked diamond bands or a ton of other sparkles.
Or it's so great it would do fine all by itself!

Shpeaking of sparklies....we are a wee bit in love with all things saftey pin. We have been coveting a pair of pave diamond safety pin earrings but they are totally not under a hundie...

then we found these gorgey little studs and fell madly in heartville with from Giles & Brother.

LOVE THEM!!!!! Go ahead and put a diamond stud in your 2nd hole and you are RTG!

So we are the luckiest ladies around who get to wear stunning gold Hawaiian bracelets everyday! We pair them with ties...what ever we want really...
So imagine how super happy we got when we came across this messy yet crazy rad bracelet from Hope Marian!

Sooo chic! Dying for the mix of crystals, fabric, mesh metal and gold!!!!

Oh hello House of Harlow perfect "tribal" earrings!!! How are you??? Oh what's that? You want to be on our ears right now? problemo. We will pair you with our signature messy braids, dark jeans (maybe bell bottoms...hee hee), heels a rad jacket and presto! Insta rad...

Dearest birdies in the sky...thank you for inspiring every cool designer out their with your beautiful feathers!!!!
With out you guys we would not look to the sky as much...wake up to your lovely songs....OR have this yummy double finger feather ring from Luv AJ.

Xmas is coming fast!!! This is for sure on the list!!!

See!?! You don't have to always be glittery and glam to be super chic and stylish...AND more importantly you don't have to spend a grip doing it...

xoxo things we heart

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