Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yummmmm- Kale-ing us softly....we heart Kale

What's bright green, pinkish purple, black or red and is SUPER crazy insanely good for you??

Ok...yes and Everlasting Gobstopper is all of that but we are thinking more along the lines of Kale.  That gorgeously rough, feathery, deliciously healthy leafy veggie causing stirs all over the place.

Not sure why it took sooooo freaking long to try this crazy multitasking vegetable.  So far I have never been let down by the superstar.

Kale is a super no an uber food.   It can prevent cancer, lower your cholesterol, its fillllllled with anti-oxidants and Omegas and it has TONS of vitamin K, A & C...I mean come on...what more do you need :)

Oh PS Cuz we heart you so much we have tried each one of these recipes to make sure they weren't poisonous of course and we can say they are all totally easy, unbelievably delicious and crazy healthy!  You're welcome :)

Now for the fun stuff...

The one we have been eating day and night for weeks...Winter Lentil and Kale Soup.

Now don't let the Winter part scare you...its perfect any time of the year.  Oh plus its totes vegan and filled with healthy deliciousness.  Go to Real Simple for the basic recipe***

***We add the juice from the can of tomatoes, butternut squash cubes (trader joes) and white canellini beans*** Hearty-farty (shhh)

Need a salty crunchy snack ASAP but bikini season is coming up faster then we can eat chocolate chips in peanut butter?  Ahem...we digress...

Kale chips are unreal!  And WAY to WAY...

We have been known to whip this next dish up in no time flat but your guests or family will think it took a master chef...

Kale with Polenta...It's easy, filling and crazy good!

We have been dying to juice for the last month but always seem to find an excuse of why we cant sooooo we found this Kale and Pear smoothie recipe from our fave blogger Joy the Baker which led us to this recipe that is just as delish but since we are a wee bit afraid of spinach it floats our boats even more.

However you eat it...just eat it!  Your body will thank you (and us)  We heart you!


xoxo things we heart


Bindi Chica said...

So awesome of you to share the wealth about this amazing, albeit unknown, food. I'm making the polenta this weekend!

BHHarriet said...

As an insurance blogger, I've done some casual research on Kale. It's been a source of nutrition since the time of Ancient Greeks. It has saved the British populace from malnutrition in WW2 and like cabbage, it tastes better after being frozen.

mel said...

dont just stop with sea salt on those chips!! add some granulated garlic & crushed red pepper flakes. now we're talkin! it's so funny how kale is so super trendy right now! what.evers.. as long as we're eatin it!! :) <3

TheShoeGirl said...

Totally obsessed with kale chips! It's the easiest way to eat a ton of those good for you greens :)