Monday, March 19, 2012

V.C Andrews, we randomly heart you.

(V.C Andrews)

So, we were out at our super fancy "Book Club" the other night... O.K really it's our super fancy
"Ditch-the-kids-with-Dad-&-sneak-out-for-a-glass-of-wine-&-gossip Club"

when the V.C. Andrews books came up, how amazingly creepy and weird they were.... But yet how obsessed everyone was with them as young teens. So random, yet so worth a Things We Heart post!

We know you remember them... Well, if you grew up anywhere near the 90's we know you remember them. If not, this is your lesson.

They were like one step beyond the "Babysitter's club" & "Sweet Valley High" and like one step behind those trashy romance novels from the grocery store with covers like this...

I mean seriously, when I was in JR. High school.... if you DIDN'T know who Cathy & Chris Dollanganger were, you may as well not even show up to school anymore. Social pariah type situation.

V.C. Andrews pretty much invented the Young Adult Fiction book series.
Before Harry Potter....
Before Twilight....
Before The Hunger Games....

There was Flowers In The Attic!

The super creepy story of four super beautiful children who's perfect family falls apart when their father dies and their mother decides she has no choice but to go home to her uber-wealthy, uber-Nutso-McNutso parent's house.

Then the mother is forced to pretend they don't exist and lock her beloved children in the attic for years on end with no sunlight and only arsenic laced donuts to eat.
Makes total sense right?

Anyway, needless to say, the brother & sister start having an affair witch turns into a multi-generational saga of lust and betrayal because, duh, that's what happens in all the V.C. Andrews books.

Andrews books are like incest city. I'm shocked that that fact alone didn't scare off teenage girls everywhere who knew how gross older brothers actually are... Eeeewwwwww!!!!

But no, it didn't, they even made a hollywood movie out of it!

Staring none other then Kristy Swanson, the O.G Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's kind of a must see but of course, not as good as the books.

I think of all the V.C. Andrews book series, my favorite was the Heaven Leigh Casteel story.

See how V.C. did that there? Heaven LEIGH, clever.

Well let me tell, you her life was anything but heavenly! Growing up with a dead mamma, a dead-beat daddy and a evil- slut bag sister in the Appilachian mountains isn't easy for anyone, especially a drop dead gorgeous girl like Heaven. Good thing she had that tall and brave BROTHER around.

But of all her works, the most sick and twisted,
the most totally F*Cked up story is that of

My Sweet Audrina.

Like, it is so twisted and cray-cray, we can't even tell you the plot-line.
You are just going to have to trust us and go pick this book up for yourself. We bet you anything it is sitting at your local library high up on a shelf covered in dust, along with the rest of Andrews' books...... just waiting to be rediscovered by a new generation of young women.

Get your read on people....
Books, you never know where they will take you!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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