Sunday, April 4, 2010

No Bueno: Ugly Shoes...

So yesterday we told you about the some of the cutest and most world friendly shoes for the cutie bunny cat kids...

But today since we have slight hangovers, end of sickness and just plain old sassiness we are going to help out our fellow shoe lovers...

The following shoes are a few NO BUENOS and should not be worn under any circumstances...much like the ever lasting wedge flip flops...

Oh PS there are TONS o' ugly shoes out there but these are just the pits!

Really Free People?!?!? Really???

Many a day we have posted about our heart for you and you return the love with these???

And their ugly fraternal twin?


And dear Ed Farty....go away!!!!!

That's all...HAPPY EASTER! Enjoy!

xoxo things we heart

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