Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday: When times are hard... Beauty to the rescue!

Look, we all know times are hard right now, the unemployment rate in America is rising every month. The stock market is a total mess. Almost everyone you know, knows someone who is hurting. 

But, what? you may ask does this have to do with beauty? Darn it Things-We-Heart, we come here on Mondays to feel good, and find out what our next little beauty splurge will be! Don't fret, we are getting there... It is called the "Lipstick Effect"... And we are all a part of it. 

The Lipstick Effect means,  that even though the times are not the most lush for most of the country, girls still want to look good and smell pretty. 
This is so true in fact, that while sales of almost every other product in retail department stores have fallen, the sales of lipsticks and lip glosses have gone through the roof! 

And why you may ask? Because feeling beautiful makes you feel better about everything else. And for a $6-$16 purchase, you can change your mood. 

This fact is simple and it is true. 

This has happened before, during the Great Depression of the 1930's makeup sales soared. 

The right makeup can make you feel glamorous and confident and brave. 

Who needs a $200 hair cut? (At least this month?)
The right lipstick can change your whole look. 

Case in point, what Miss t-w-h and Miss Me like to call the MAGIC LIPSTICK!! 
While out shopping one day, at beauty mega-store Sephora Miss Me decided she wanted a super bright and happy and crazy lipstick. Shying away from the classic red, I let my eyes wander over the little colored stickers looking for the brightest one... When low-and-behold what did I find? 

Now, you are going to have to trust me when I say this... But this Lip color is MAGIC! It transformed Miss Me's whole look... It inspired her friends, it made people stop and stare and say... Where did you get that lipstick? It made Miss Me go out and buy 5 tubes of it so I could have one in every bag, car and drawer! 

(Photo YSL Fall 2009 Runway) 

With a bold and bright lipstick, you really don't need much else in the way of makeup. Let your lips do the talking. 

And that dear readers is the Lipstick Effect in action. A small minimally priced item that makes a large impact on the way you feel about yourself and really we all need that! 

Another beauty trend that is really big this year and that can always make a girl feel like a million dollars (For only about $30), is a nice mani-pedi. 

This fall is huge for nail polish, with so many nail trends it will be hard to stay away from your local salon or D.I.Y to save even more. 

You already know about our love for the matte nail trend, but another look we are hearting is a throwback to the time of the Great Depression, the Half Moon manicure. 

(Photo Courtesy of CND)

This style was worn by the Silver Screen Queens of the 1930's and is still a beautiful look. 


(Max Factor)

How about playing up the color of your eyes? 
For the price of a new eye shadow duo you can make yourself feel beautiful and mysterious. 

Pile on the Shadow for a dramatic and uplifting change to your usual makeup routine. 


Even if you are wearing a $8 dress from the Good Will, with eyes like that you will feel like the prettiest girl at the party. 

When times are tough and you are saving every penny, don't forget their is always a way to make your self feel better. 

So maybe it isn't a day shopping with the girls and having a fancy lunch complete with a $12 glass of White Wine.. 

Maybe it is a nice day strolling by the beach and then popping into Rite-Aide to grab that new blue Wet & Wild eyeliner you have been dreaming about before heading home for a nice big bowl of homemade pasta and some Two Buck Chuck

However you decide to treat yourself, please don't forget to do so... You are worth it and you can't believe how good the simple things can make you feel! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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