Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

(Princess and the pea) 
Recently while on vacation with some friends, we started talking about the beds at the hotel... 
The group was split down the middle about whether the beds were amazing or horrible! 

I couldn't believe it... I thought that the bed was so soft and comfy I could stay in it forever, my husband thought it was WAY to soft and made his back hurt.

Since our group was split in the middle we could never figure out who was right... 

(Lucy & Ricky)
But when we cam home and slept in our own bed, we both agreed that it was super No Bueno! (Perhaps this is linked to my insomnia)  And so the hunt begins for a new bed! 

This makes for a happy Miss Me since the old bed came along with us during our move and although it is beautiful, it isn't the right style for the new house! 

Here are a few of the amazing beds out there... with so many choices how is a girl to decide what to do? 

Well, if I were a kooky millionaire I may spend $28,000
on this floating bed! 

(Bed by David Trubridge, a New Zealand designer.)

It is so whimsical and beautiful, it reminded me of this painting by Waterhouse. 

Sadly, while I am kooky, I just don't think that I have the funds to buy a boat bed, at least not this one. 
But a sleigh bed is a little like a boat, and even better when it is cushioned and upholstered! This beauty from interior gurus Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is so lovely, you may just want to stay in bed all day. I love the smokey blue color. 
This would look fantastic with the Kelly Wearstler for Sferra 
bedding!! Oh stop me now I am getting ahead of myself! 

Because Restoration Hardware has this stunning Warner bed!  I have been really jonesing for a soft cushiony bed. Being that we have a four poster teak bed right now... This looks like it may be what I am looking for.

The Warner bed is not only a cushiony upholstered dream, it has satin nickel nail heads!!! Calgon take me away! P.S.. This bed is available in a number of colors and fabrics. So if by chance your husband says this one is too "Beigey" then you are in luck! 

Ok, so you are gonna have to excuse the really bad brothel style lace bedding in this picture... Remember we don't style these! 

Instead of the bedding focus your attention on the actual bed... I know it is hard for me too. 
But this bed is really cute, and guess what? It is affordable too!* 
(*For an upholstered number)
From The Bean Bag Store of all places! 

Feeling crafty? Time to break out the stencils, take a cue from this bedroom done by Catherine Golden winner of Domino magazine's first ever decorating contest 
(And sadly their last :() and featured in Domino mag. 


Not only did she hand stencil her white bed, she did it with chartreuse, in a baby blue room and then added a lime green throw pillow!! And to top it all off she had her beautiful chair upholstered in white with hot pink banding... This is one girl who is not afraid to mix color and boy does she do it well! Check out her house here

Go ahead and try your hand at painting your bed with this super light and airy 4 poster from Swedish Super Store Ikea!! (We heart Sweden!) 
This pretty bed retails for $299 for a queen size! 
So recessionistas this one is for you! 

Did we mention that we heart Sweden? Well here is another reason. Ikea has this really cute and stylish upholstered bed also a recessionista special at $399 for a queen. Once again, use your imagination to picture better bedding and place this bed in your sunshine yellow room! 

Maybe you are looking for something a little bit more cutting edge and unusual? 
Well, feast your eyes on this piece of work. 

(Photo by Annie Schlechter, Domino May 2007)
Not only is this bed super gorgeous and bold, but I love the benches at the foot of the bed. I don't know who makes this bed.. But I will bet my last dollar it is super expensive! 

In the jungle the mighty jungle, you can sleep tonight.
Well, if you have this super fabulous and exotic Ikat headboard from Anthropologie you will feel like you are sleeping in the jungle. 

Wow, this is so me I can hardly stand it! But alas, I already have Ikat curtains and I am afraid that would be a little too much even for me! 

The direction I'm headed is a little more soft and subtle, I am really loving this bed from Crate and Barrel.
I heart how simple and clean it is and how you could really let the bedding make the statement in your room. 

Plus, check out those nail-heads!! Yep, I'm a sucker for them! 
The Colette bed is available in three colors. 

Remember when we told you about being in super hearts-ville with Pottery Barn Teen? 
Well here are two more reasons the love affair continues. 

Super clean and chic, the Lewis headboard comes in three colors kelly green, bright pink, and brown. Wow if you had a giant room and three little girls you could be in preppy bedroom heaven! But that is the mommy in me talking.. You could also make a super modern and sleek bedroom for the savvy single girl. 

How about this beauty? Put this pretty Tiffany blue headboard in a brown and white room and you just classed up pottery barn teen! 
No one will be the wiser! 

This tufted velvet version of the Lewis headboard is on SALE now. 
So don't snooze! (haha) 

Please let us know if there are any wonderful beds we have missed! 
Happy bed hunting! 
And remember any bed is a good bed, if you have the right person to share it with. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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