Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bueno: Crystal Clear Beaches

The time has come when Miss Me and T.W.H. have to pack up our teeny weeny bikinis and head across the pond.

As sad as we are to leave the gorge beaches and hotels of O'ahu (thank you O'ahu!!! you are spectacular!!!) and the unbelievable dolphins of Dolphin Quest Kahala (Hoku we are madly in heartville with you!!!) the think we will miss the most are the spectacular beaches of Hawaii.

They are sooo clean and pristine. The people of the Aloha state and islands take so much pride in there land, animals and beaches, it's actually an honor to enjoy them.

So let's spread the word and help to keep our beaches around LALA and LBC and all of USA beautiful. The animals deserve it and so do you.

Go here for surf rider and here for save our beach to help!!!

Go here for WWF to and here to heal the bay to adopt a beach!

Go here if you have kids and want them to understand the importance of clean waters!!

Live clean!

xoxo t.w.h.

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