Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random hearts: We heart us Some Ecards...hee hee (beware...some are offensive!)

Nothing can warm your heart like a beautiful and thoughtful letter and card.
You slide your finger under the flap on the envelope and gingerly pull out the card just enough to see the cover, wondering if it will give you a clue as to what the message written inside might be.

You read it and tears fall...followed by a call or a hug to say thank you back.

And now with technology and the internet, it's even easier to send a thank you or I love you sentiment with E-Cards.
The web is filled with them..literally to the brim...filled with e-cards for every day, any message and any occasion.
Just enter "e-card" into Google and you will quickly find out how crazy, overwhelming the search for the perfect card is.

Wait..what's that you say? You say you are over the traditional / ordinary e-card, the kind that is just as boring to read as it is search for?

Well then cutie mcGooties, you are super in luck today (unless you are like the gorge E.F. or MBBD1st and know all about what you are about to that case find more fun ecard sites for us).

We super heart and have sooo much for a!!!

Warning...these cards are amazingly hilarious, totally inappropriate and absolutely the best cards out there!

They have cards for all occasions, days, people, name it, they have it.

Say buh-bye to the boring or overly silly ecard...adios to the sappy or cards you have to pay for (um...hi...halmark and bluemountain...why do we now have to pay for cards on your site? yes, we know that business might be down and you have to make moolah, but still with all of the possibilities out there of free e cards you may want to rethink...just sayin') and say bonjour to the f*%! ing funniest, meanest and most uncomfortable cards around.

Not only are these cards amazing...but the fantastic illustrations that go along with them are just as ridiculously rad and make the cards even more hilarious and uncomfortable then they already are...

Ever in the mood to really say want you need to say but dont know how to say it? Have no fear...those cards are there.

Need to say I love you with out the sap or just simply in your own way? Yup, they have those too.

Just got married and need to send a lil' thank you or note to a guest? Well look no further...

Happy Birthday to a friend or not so friend...or just to someone you wish would not be your friend ya go!

They also have cards to "just say no" to that boy (or girl) you don't want to see anymore. But just be sure you really don't want to see them ever again 'cuz you won't after you send them one of these.

Or maybe just maybe you want to send a wildly inappropriate, yet uber timely, card just for the heck of it to make some one laugh (or cry)

P.S. Want a tamer yet still super cool ecard? Check out the rad Super cute and way hipster mcGipster

P.P.S. Need a sassier but not as snarky version? Try out too.

So try on a ecard on your closest or no so close'll be glad you did.

xoxo t.w.h.