Friday, August 14, 2009

Fashion Friday: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny....

So obviously we are now in the dog days of summer. But because we are lucky enough to live in Southern California we have quite a few warm months left... And we have been working really hard all summer to get in shape... For BIKINIS!! 

I know that word strikes fear into the hearts of million of women all over the world, and who can blame us? If you don't look like Phoebe Cates in Fast Times, showing 90% of your body to the whole beach is a scary thing. 

Right now you are asking yourself... "Self? How come the Things-We-Heart girls waited till almost the very end of summer to do a bathing suit post?" Well, the answer is one simple word.... 


If we get our suits now, we can save money and look just as cute wen we pull them out next summer and relax on the beach as we watch everyone running to the store to pay full price. 

Because a good suit, a really good suit, can last you for years! Just make sure you treat it right.. Hand wash in cold and lay flat to dry. 

So now dear readers.. We will bring on the suits! These are some of our fave finds on sale now! (Please excuse the looks on some of these models faces... The only excuses I can make for them are either, A. They HATE to be photographed in bathing suits, or B. They are super bored.) 

First up, we have this adorable little swirly pastel print from Red Carter

The really light colors will make you look extra tan, 

and the gold details are just subtle enough. 

Super skinny strings but nice butt coverage, make this suit a winner. 

Get yours on Shop Bop

You know what is funny? Is that I used to have a one piece with this same patten when I was a little girl! I remember thinking that the white swirls of dots looked like stars in the night sky... And now here it is again in a much sexier grown up suit! I am super excited about this Jo de Mer bikini! 

A really pretty mixture of edgy and sweet. I love the cream colored border with the navy blue. 

Plus we are always looking for a good strapless top and this one looks like it has good support. Hurry and get one before they are gone! 

So maybe you are looking for a little more coverage, but you still want to be a sexy beach babe?? 

Well, Miss Diane von Furstenberg has you covered (haha) in this super stylish and sexy one piece. 

Hello Beautiful! 

With the rope detailing and the gold at those amazing gold accents at the straps, you my friend will be Ship Shape and ready to sail away. 

And with a back this sexy... Well lets just say, they will hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go. 

Wait, what is that you say? Your husband or boyfriend can't seem to get his nose out of the world of financial blogs? You keep finding receipts from rare coin shops?

Then this my friend is the suit for you! Their is just no way your man will not fall in love with this gold coin patterned suit! 

It will bring out the pirate loving Goonie in everyone! 

Another winner from Mr. Red Carter, This one is also at Shop Bop now! 

Ummmm.... Hello? Yes, I would like to order the brightly colored Ikat print suit you have on sale.... Oh, sure I will hold... But can I ask you a question first? Is the person on the other line interested in the same suit?..... Oh, she is? Well, I will give you $20 if you take my call first!...
Hello? Hello? HELLO?!! Huh... The sales girl hung up on me... 

Yes people, we would even stoop to bribery to try and get our paws on this hot little number. 

Tibi is responsible for this ray of sunshine and we extend our deepest thanks.  

Bright, fun, sexy and with just the right amount of coverage, this is everything a suit should be. I actually want to wear the bandeaux top year round under all of our loosey goosey tank tops. 

(Alexander Wang,  for another post, another love story) 
I shouldn't even tell you this, because you may wear my size... But you can get yours here.. 

Another really great option for when you are buying bikinis on sale is to do the mix and match... You know what big fans we are of mixing and matching over here at Things-We-Heart... 

So here are a few of our favorite tops and bottoms that would work in a endless combos. 

Rachel Pally makes great separates you can mix and match for loads of fun.. 

Right now we are feeling this bright abstract pattern.. 

LOVE the detail at the hip... This bottom is super flattering and comfy looking. 

Of course we died a little inside when we saw this genius creation from our boyfriend Marc Jacobs... (OK we realize we say that a lot, but to clarify, we have 3 fake boyfriends... Jonathan Adler, Marc Jacobs, and Edward Cullen.) 
But back to the bikini.. 

How about some full boy brief style faux denim bikini bottoms? 
Alright.. I will take them. 

Complete with side button detailing, these are about a cute and tomboy as you can get when you are talking bikini. 

Plus, look at the butt!! Did you see it? Look at that little tag! Oh my goodness! J'adorable! If this isn't worth doing a few hundred squats and lunges for, then I don't know what is. 

Rachel Pally has this great bandeaux top. It has enough structure to actually hold you up and in place, and that is important. 

We are in America after all and you don't wanna end up going all Euro at the wrong time. So with this top you get enough support while still looking super sexy and stylish, Plus it is black and matches everything...and no tan lines! 

Oh we are soooo in LOVE with this one... 

Snake Skin print? Check 
Amazing bronzy color? Check
Supportive? Check
Sexy? Check Check Check! 

Tyler Rose makes this saucy little number. Pair it with black, brown or white bottoms and you will feel like a heavy metal beach goddess roaming the beach in this number. Snap it up now

Whatever you do remember that confidence is beauty and if you feel good you look good. So get out there slather on the SPF and bring a cute little hat and shades and enjoy the summer sun, enjoy the beauty of the beach and don't worry too much about how you look... We may not look like these bikini models.. But that is hopefully because we are smiling!! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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