Thursday, August 13, 2009

Decor to Die For: We heart mis-matched dining tables and chairs!

Oh mis-matched dining tables and we lurve thee. We heart thee soooo much one of us already has you in her fab kitchen...and the other...well let's just say the other has been taking a wee bit too long to fulfill her dream of a perfectly mis-matched dining room.
The best part about interior design becoming such a huge thing recently (well besides the amazingness of the greatest I.D.(Interior Design) mag, Domino which is now gone...we still hold our breaths when we open the mailbox each month, and the best design show, Top Design...hey where did that go too?!?!?!) is how everyone can be their own decorator!
Design has never been sooo at our fingertips and sooo matter what your taste or style, you too can be your own Ruthie, Kelly or dare we say it...Jonathan.

A huge thing we learned from the explosion of ID is that the days of bedroom sets, dining sets, living room sets is O-V-E-R. Bring on the mis-matched sets...the "Oh, hello...hahaha yes we have done a lot of traveling and we just picked that up somewhere on the Southern Hemisphere"...and "Thank you! Oh gosh no...I just have an eye for design".

Oh and another thing...the best part about mis-matched dining tables and chairs??? Its uber recessionista chic!
Yeeeooowwwza! We have been waiting to post this bad boy post for a while and man it shows ;). This is a pic heavy post so have fun and hopefully get inspired!

Up first is a table and chairs that has made its way into our hearts and blog many a time...the Darjeeling Table and white from chairs from CB2.
The simplicity of the natural wood planked table with modern white molded chairs is some how totally perfect and in sync. Is it the modern industrialness of the table that blends with the modernness of the chairs or is it simply perfectly imperfect? (If you know...feel free to tell share)
How sublimely surreal is this table and chair set?
Yes, it is most likely not someones real dining room or kitchen table (since it's on the middle of the beach) but who ever this gorgeous mad (wo)man is...they deserve a big ol' kiss.
The white table and pops of bright colors on the settings is the perfect marriage with the crazy and dare we say, zaney colored chairs. Its soooo super festive and imaginative, there is nooo way you wouldn't have a good time.

For some reason this next one makes me absolutely giggle with glee...

It may not be the most perfectly mismatched heaven but the fact that a totally tradtional table is anchored with pitch black, white piped wing back chairs gets my smile going! The Queen Ann and other French and English inspired colorful chairs surrounding them doesn't hurt either ;)

Ring...ring....hello Alice? your late for your tea party, madame.

This has got to be inspired by the Madhatters Tea Party... How fantastical is this table and chair set? Crazy?... Yes. Over the top?... Uh huh. Hard to pull off?... You betcha. But fun as sin to look at and imagine the house that holds it! Wow!
(Note...the only thing we don't quite get is the horrible gingham napkins that are thrown into the mix)

Bold with out shouting and stylish with out trying too hard. This dining area and MM (Mis-Matched) table and chairs is TDF for sure!

The super sleek color and lines of the table, mixed with the almost dhurrie style navy and white rug, (the furry pup), and the bold pop of the red chair at the end is fantastic and chic. The crazy thing is, it shows you how bold and new modern can be cozy and inviting. No formal dinners at this table.

Hello easy Victorian glam dining room. How are you? Good?
domino mag...tear tear
Yes you are!
You are great for many reasons. The fact that you mixed gorge, muted rich velvets covering at least 3 different eras of seating and painted the traditional colored wood of the chairs white is a bueno. Wait! There are more reasons this room is great... instead of playing up the amazing romantic fun of this room with a deep rug...they threw a curve ball and placed the pieces on a huge natural sisal rug!

Oh and a settee and Chippendale bench instead of chairs anchored with a roll back arm chair?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Done and uber done!

Think mismatched chairs and tables are only for the interior of your pad o' love? Think again...

Cute, whimsical, perfection and elegant are the perf words to describe this romantic, yet easy going...meets outdoor chic, outdoor dining room.

If you look closely, the only think that matches to bring this super cute outdoor table and chairs together is the light silver and white colors mixed with the delicate patterns in the chair, feminine lines of the metal table and loads of gorge glass accessories and fixtures.

Jealous (in a good way) does not even begin to do my feelings of this next dining room justice...

domino mag...waaawwa
Really? Come on! Really? Mixing vintage, modern, industrial, danish, natural reclaimed, organic modern pieces? Really??? YES!
For some reason it is perfection to our eyes! How in the world is that sooo great with sooo many different and opposite elements? I don't know but what ever it is, I am sooo IN and in hearty heartville.

And last but not least a dining area that is so simple and pretty there is no way not to fall into lurve.
This room is perf for people to get inspired who are a wee bit afraid to jump in head first to the total mix and match chair / table idea. They perfectly paired white straight back upholstered chairs with a beautiful traditional and heavy table and anchored the ends with gorge all white bamboo arm chairs. Easy peasy and totally beautiful.

Try something new...if you aren't ready to go all the way try to just change out the end chairs...or get a new table that perfectly imperfectly goes with your existing chairs...or what every you decide to bold and have fun!

See you later decorators!!!

xoxo t.w.h.

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