Friday, August 7, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart the ultimate up and comers!

Miss Ovitz (yes...we know her last name sounds familiar...go here for the reason why) allow us to introduce ourselves....we are your new biggest fans. We lovelies at t.w.h. are uber crazy style hearting you. We super heart your love of androgynous-chic style...perfect for us fashionista tomboys.

Your sleek yet unbelievably wearable designs are sooo good...soooo beautiful they deserve their own post.

w mag online

At the old age of 25...uh huh...yup...I officially feel like I have failed...sorry mom...Kimberly Ovitz has not only interned at J Crew, attended Parsons and Brown University, interned at Chanel in Paris and designed for the yummy YaYa, Imitation of Christ Jeans and one of our personal favs, Cynthia Vincent...but she put out 2 seasons of fantastical gorgeous duds. Wow...I got tired just writing that!

(Please oh please don't feel like an underachiever...she is obviously a freak of the best way possible! )

She gets her inspiration from her other passion...equestrianism.

It's funny because you can actually pair every single piece from both her seasons with riding boots, and you will look perfectly put together.

You can really see her equestrian influence in her gorgeous pants and unbelievably cut jackets.

Ok...we can go on and on about how stunning and architecturally amazing her designs are so with out further adue...allow us to take you on a tour to wearable chic land...brought to you by the one...the only, Kimberly Ovitz.

Hello. I am a perfect LBD! (Little Black Dress) I am sexy and sleek and will go with any shoes and I am perfect under any jacket and for any occasion...but wait...did you just say boring??? I think not kind sir..i think not!
Turn me around and I am pure sex and sculpture. I will never go out of style. (just don't gain too much weight or um...the uh back straps will dig if you know what I mean)

Speaking of dresses that are business in the front and party in the back...we bring you this gorge lil white number. OK 2 things...1. We super heart black shoes with white dresses (kudos stylist!) and 2. How freaking sexy is this dress.
So un-overtly sexy in the sexiest way. The oval cut out is TDF. Wear it in summer with amazing gladiators or pirate boots or like this with black booties...or in the winter with black opaque tights and hot ass stilettos.

There are no words to describe this beautiful folded nude dress. just gaze at it's splendor and amazing folds. WOW...can you say show stopper?!?! now you know how crazy bonkers we are for all things slouchy and hammer pant-y... well Miss Ovitz baggy trouser is making us go even more bananas then we ever thought possible.
WOW owowowowowoww.... hello stunning slouchy trouser! Hello beautiful menswear tailoring yet feminine lines. Please be ours and we will wear you every day with converse or booties...tanks and drapey tees. We heart you!!!!!!!!!

Need a perfectly perfect un jacket jacket that says, "oh this? i just threw it on..and oh hello...yes I do look amazing and put together"
The construction is 1 part Rick Owens, 1 part Margiella, 1 part California chic and 1 part perfection....Want it? Get it here!

Her philosophy is "you should be able to throw anything on in 10 min or less" is sooo true with her designs. Throw any of them on and ding are RTG.

Here is yet another example of her design philosophy and obvious California nature. These shorts are perfection and paired with that gorge jacket? Yes and Please!!!

Isn't it fun to know that fashion is soooo not dead? Thank you KO for giving us hope and our passion for fashion back!

xoxo t.w.h.

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