Thursday, August 6, 2009

Affordable art!


We all love art, it makes your house more of a home to have art on the walls, but why oh why is it cost a fortune to own it? 
We really love the look of mismatched paintings grouped together. But in this case, spending too much on any one piece can ruin your collage plans. 


We are here to tell you, as I think we have before about all the amazing affordable art you can get on ETSY! We love it so much, we wanted to share some with you. We hope it inspires you to look around on the site and find something you love. 

Like this super adorable painting of a little kid puddle jumping. This reminds us so much of our childhood, we would smile every time we see it. 

You can get this painting and many more from megalunostudio
For only $25 we can all agree this is a steal. 

Have we told you how much we love typography prints? art made of up beautiful type and sweet sayings? Well, we heart them very mucho and this one is no exception. 

How amazing is this? With the little bird? Awww
Check out Paper Relish to get this pretty little thing. 

Now if I were building a collage of art for a certain wall in my home... Come to think of it I am... Then I would look no further then these amazing and comical portraits  of famous directors! 
Are you kidding me? 

Made by Retro Whale, for $48 for the 4 of these could almost complete my wall!! Hooray! 

Now all together lets give a sigh about how freaking cute this book lovers print is! Can't you just see it over your book shelf? CUTE!!

The Black Apple has yours... Go get it... NOW!!!

Ummmm..... Hello Gorgeous! Nice to meet you.... Wanna come to my place for a while? 
That is what you will say when you see this beauty. 

Variations has this stunning sketch for you. The little nest in her hair is KILLING ME!

Seriously the wonder-world that is ETSY goes on and on... We urge you to go and explore, find young and emerging artists and support them! 
This fantastic World Wide Web is here for a reason, and it isn't all gossip and trash. 

So lets send our thanks to Mr. Gore for helping to create the internet (It's true!) and get out their and see what the world has to offer... Then bring it back home and make your nest cute. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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