Monday, June 8, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Mattify My hearting matte nail polish!

We have been waiting a SUPER long time to get all of our sources together for this exciting new nail trend! 

(Photo from

Not since reverse french manicures have we been this excited for nail polish... 

I got sooo crazy about it, I went to at least 10 stores (I was supposed to be packing...see the dedication here at T.W.H.!?!)  to track down some of these (A. waaay easier to buy online and B. they tend to be cheaper so you can try more!).

Instead of narrowing it down to a few favs, we decided to post ALL of our finds for you.  Since its such a new movement and the trend hasn't even begun or picked up there are not that many finds out there.  But trust, our gorgeous...trendsetting...confident... and beautiful readers,  this will be huge!  

And away we go!!!

First up is not really the creator of matte nail polish (that is the next one) but more of the "take it to the fashionable next level guy".  KO Knock Out Cosmetics brings us 4 TDF colors!

The Blood Red is sooo Vampire chic!  Puurrrfffect for our true love, Edward.  This red is sooo amazingly gorgeous on.  Its just off enough, it is a for sure hit!  Can't wait to get ours in the mail. rad is that Ballet Pink color?  And we all know how much we heart Ballerinas and their fashion!  Its like a pink ballet leotard gone naughty.  SO yummmy.

Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, hearts this line so much, she is the brand ambassador.  
Here is the style queen herself modeling the Blackout color.

How ridiculously chic is that!?!?! Almost like a chalkboard.
And the white reminds us sooo much of painting our nails in 4th grade with white out that we "borrowed" from our teachers.

Now for the guy who brought us the OG of matte finish polishes... Man Glaze.  
Now, don't be scared of the gross '90s -esque,  Ed Hardy-like label.  These polishes originally designed for the manly glam gods, is fantasmic even on the most feminine hands.

He sells 2 colors, grey and black ( we refuse to say the real color names because they are trying really hard and girls don't need to be so lame) and they are both striking and hard in a really chic way.   
The best thing besides the price and colors is they last a really long time!  Yay boy polish!

Here is one way we think we are on the right track with this soon to be late summer the big guns at OPI are launching 6 gorgeously perfect matte colors for you.  Yes please! You can find more info on these colors at All Lacquered Up.

We cant wait to get our manicured paws on the bright pink and navy colors.  We called every store looking for the OPI versions and nothing yet... We will keep you posted.

OK, as you know, the girlies at T.W.H. are suuuper uber recessionistas and we would never want you to worry about $$$ of these fancy pants brands... so here is a way to get the look with the colors you already have at home.  
A few companies offer Matte Top Coats.  We think they are for MAN-icures but just throw them on top of your own color and you have the trend and you saved moolah!  Yay!!!  

We found 3 that are avail at most major beauty supply stores as well as on line.  

There is V for Men Matte Finish top silly is that logo.  S0 '80s in the best way.

Then we found Adoree...  We have never heard of this line, but hey they offer a great and timely product it seems.

And from one of the most trusted polish brands around, we found Orly Matte Top.  
We personally would buy this one (if Larchmont Beauty had it in stock, or Ulta, or Target, or Sally) because we know we could trust it.  So here it is online for your cute hands.

Want more DIY?  

We noticed that the more PC (Politically Correct) polishes that do not contain formaldehyde (yuck) don't have the glossy finish and so if you don't need a top coat then...voila!

Here's another tip...use Butter London's Nail Foundation as the top coat and again...voila!
Mattified Talons!

Jeeze...we are really great at the DIYs (just kidding...we wish we had more for you!)

We should really polish up on our nail painting skills so we can do this at home.  (Get it..get it? Polish up...hee hee!)

Be bold,  lead the pack, have're worth it!

xoxo t.w.h.


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