Thursday, June 4, 2009

Decor (to die for): Pillow me with your love!

After many (sooo many) different ideas on today's post...stopping and starting..deleting and nail biting I was at a blank.  But then it happened.... well 2 things happened and the confusion melted away.

1. I was tiding up our home away from home (the mobile bus kind) and wished I brought some of my personal touches from my house.  Maybe a few pillows to replace the baby poop brown ones we have here.


2. I woke up to the new products (soooooo cute!)  from our boyfriend Jonathan Adler.  
Let the inspiration flow!

Mr. Adler has taught us many things and the most important of them all is the need to have fun with your decor. 
There are no real rules except...go for color, go for personal touches and go for FUN!.  

So, in honor of pillows, J.A. and fun...we bring to you just a small selection in the big world of fun, amazing pillows to brighten up and liven up your home (or traveling summer home).
Its fitting to honor and present the King of lively decor and his perfect pillows.

We uber heart J.A.s pillow selection.  

There is something for everyone.  From super cute fruity finds (Miss Me has the most amazing collection of these...she is the best at fun, chic decor) to beautiful patterns and prints, he has them all!

There is something so kitchy cute and totally en vogue about these fruit flavored puff pieces.

Um wow!  Only JA could make boobies sooooo cute and not sleazy.  

How rad is this Woman pillow?
Wanna vase to go with it?  
Sooo sexy, soo soft, sooo unexpectedly rad!  

Still don't see the perfect pillow?  Go here and literally customize one for you or your loved ones.  Pick any color way, letter...have a blast!  Pick a few to create a word.  Every time I walk into my living room and see my cute and colorful initial pillows perched on my white chairs, I giggle.

Gotta convince the man (geek) in your heart to have some fun with decor and pillows?  With these Star Wars pillows he will not be able to say no!  

After you charm him with these fantastical puffs, you will be free to grab some to suit your inner geek ;) maybe with this chic grandma-esque stag pillow from Target!  
So fun and cute. This would look really amazing in a serious room or on a club chair for a really unexpected twist.

Or maybe this U.O. super sweet mod-like, modern birdie pillow will liven up your indoors by bringing the outdoors in.  

The colors are sooo great!  It would be amazing in a room for anyone afraid of painting their white walls.  

Got a little sailor in your life? Or a dad that needs to kick it up a notch in his den?  How rad is this anchor from Anthro?  

Like the tattoo he never had the cajones to he can get one (and give it away when he is over it...much less painful)

OK, I have NO idea what to do with these super tchotckie like yet funny Gama pillows
(I bet my super talented partner would) Not the most chic decor friendly, but I am super hearting them!  They make me laugh..perfect!

This needlepoint or crocheted leopard beauty from West Elm is soooo beautiful in person, I grabbed 2 (and the price is sooo right, $39!!!).  
These can go on any chair, any couch or any bed and make it better.  The neutral colors but super pretty pattern will help make any space a bit more chin (new word! chic and fun put together)

Ready??? DEEP breath... 1.....2....3...

This black and white, sequin (yes sparkly) almost herringbone pillow is T.D.F.!!!  Be brave, be bold... throw one (or 2) of these around your house and you are R.T.G.  So glam, sooo chic, soo pretty and fun...there is no way these can't liven up and chic-i-fy your abode!  Yes and please!!!!

K...I'm back...whew.. sorry.  

While snooping around one of our fav sites, Etsy, we discovered this ridiculously clever, and uber du jour Postcard Pillow!  Olive's shop will write anything you want.  This would be one of the best gifts ever!  So thoughtful, yet totally cute and useful.

WOW... there are sooo many amazing finds out there!  Go have fun!  Pick something you never thought you could do and surprise yourself!   


xoxo t.w.h.

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