Monday, June 22, 2009

Beauty-fuls: Totally Tubular! We heart tube mascara ;)

Just the other day us gals at T.W.H. were cursing technology after 1 of our Blackberries decided to erase everything just because it felt like it.  
But then it was as if a message came from the Geek (yes GEEK not GREEK) friend called me and said "Wow!  That mascara we bought together is amazing!..I loove technology!"  

And that was that...the Geeky Gods were telling us to give technology a second chance.

So we did..and you know what? We are back on the techno bandwagon.  
Its prob for the best because 1 of us is most likely is gonna want the new Iphone and the other is a wee bit too obsessed with the new face lasers (you, you're right...we smell that post coming too).

Oooops..we digress...anywhoo thanks to the Science-y guys in the beauty labs we have yet another amazing way to get longer, more doe like lashes.  Tube Mascara.  (Not to be confused with mascara in a tube.)  

This mascara creates small tubes around each lash creating a longer and thicker look. Not only that but it doesn't flake, run, it's water resistant (perf for Summer), and you don't need those crappy eye makeup removers anymore!  
It literally comes off in tubes with a slight tug after splashing with warm water :)  Super cute right?  Little lashy tubes in your paws?  

Here are the top 4 on the market.  There are others, but these are the easiest to get and the ones that work the best.

OK, the one that the stunning E.F. was talking about is Kiss Me, By Blinc Cosmetics.  

She normally has normal, light colored lashes, and when we saw her with this mascara on, we fell in utter heart (well more than we already are).  Her lashes were gorge!  They looked long and full with no clumps!  
Plus she said when she slept at a "friends" house and didn't wash it off, there were no raccoon eyes or marks on her "friends" pillow.  Um, hello!  Sounds great, looks great...we are in!  

Another T.M. (Tube Mascara) that's getting rave reviews is the cheapest one in this post.  Perf for us recessionistas. 
Loreal's Double Extension Beauty Tubes.  

It's a bit different than the others because it uses a 2 step process.  The first step is a lash conditioner and sealer to keep your lashes healthy then it's followed by the tubes.  It uses the same technology as the others and at half the price...yes please!

Here is a pic that a cute girl on the web posted after she used Loreal's version.  
While her lashes were totally long to begin with, it still made them look fuller and more feathery.  Thanks web gal for your super scientific test!

Kevin Aucoin (may he rest in peace) was the God of amazing makeup application.  He was the OG of beauty application before Scott Barnes and Mally Roncal.  
There was not a person on Earth he couldn't make totally gorgeous.  And right before he passed away, he began creating his beautiful makeup line.  

The Volume Mascara is one of his best sellers and can be found at the one and only Sephora! Another one of our beautiful friends, the fab J.N., swears by this mascara. 
She hearts it sooo much she makes pilgramages just to get it.  Everytime we see her, her lashes are perfection. Not too thick, not too curly, just long and lovely, like a movie star. 

And she never has smears, even after Piloxing!  This one is for sure on our beauty wish list.

The O.G. of tube mascara has got to be Tube Your Lash.  Hmmmm wonder what it does?  Hee hee...
T.Y.L. is the company that put this technology on the beauty map. It's results are very much like the others and works fantasmically. 
A bit hard to find, but worth its since it's really the Momma of all Tube Mascaras.  

So ladies of T.W.H. get tubing.  Bat your glamorous lashes and see how many more boys fall prey to your gorgeous gaze.

xoxo t.w.h.

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