Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yummies: Life is a bowl of cherries!

Woops... Looks like someone named Miss Me was a little confused about what day it was on Tuesday, so you got your decor fix a little early! 

So you get your yum-yums today! 
And what could be more cheerful and summer-ish then the cherry? 

This fruit is so delicious and yet we never really buy them... They are a little hard to eat, you sort of have to dedicate your self to it. Well, you at least have to have an extra bowl for the stems and pits. 

But lately these little ruby colored balls of yummy have been showing up all over the place, and we can't resist them! 

Besides they make you really happy! 

We prefer these just as Mother Nature made them, pick them, rinse them and pour them in a bowl and we are in heaven! 

But a super cute and evil friend of mine introduced me to these delicious dried cherries! I call her evil because now that I have tasted these things, I can't get enough! I eat a whole tub by myself! Thanks G. 

But the best thing about cherries, is how beautiful cherry blossoms are! 

Fresh, beautiful and super summer time! Head to the local Farmers Market and pick up a bowl of cherries! 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart 

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