Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion Friday: Love Lace

It is so Madonna, we know.... But you knew it was gonna come back around. Lace is one of those things that can be so girly, but at the same time really bad-ass. The perfect combination! 

Like this black lace kimono style mini dress from Kite & Butterfly. So sweet and sexy, the sheer arms make it a little naughty. 

But not as naughty as these... WOW! Givenchy has done it again with these super sexy lace booties. Hmmm my birthday is only 10 days away. 

Now here is everything sweet that we love about lace, sheer one shouldered white dress with an aqua blue belt? Done and done. 

From the back and from the front, this Alice & Olivia dress is just stunning. 

This scarf from Yarnz is so 100% both Miss Me and Miss t.w.h that we may have to share one. 
Because how can a girly-girl-tomboy-girl not want to throw this on with skinny jeans, converse a loose white T and an army jacket? Really, that is the dream outfit. Just the right amount of girl. 

You know the invitation you just got for your cousin's wedding? You don't really want to buy a dress because you will never wear it again, but you don't have a thing that is appropriate to wear to a grownup daytime garden wedding... Your closet is full of mini dresses and slip skirts! 

Well, consider your problem solved! You're welcome. This stupidly stunning, sophisticated and sexy pencil skirt from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent is the answer to our prayers! 

Demure enough to wear around the grand parents and in-laws, but fashionable enough to still feel like yourself! 

Did we say demure? Yeah well there is nothing demure about these INSANE lace leggings from Kova & T.... Grey lace stirrup pants? Yes please we will take two pairs for when one gets dirty. Would it be possible to replace our skinny jeans with these in our T-W-H girls uniform... I think so. Lace pants and studded Converse high-tops? Madonna 1984 here we come!! 

Did my beautiful partner already put this up? I believe she might have in her reptile print post... But I saw it, I loved it, and the reptile print reminded me so much of lace I had to do it. 
This sassy little mini dress from Thayer is another wedding inappropriate item we can add to our closet. Yummy! 

These are some examples of how designers were showing lace on the runway this year... 
Catherine Holstein, Verrier and Diane Von Furstenburg from left to right. 
Love, love, love the way Catherine Holstein styled the lace jumper with the black trench cardi and the beenie! That is just what I mean about bad ass lace. 

Go grab yourself some lace. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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