Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Girls....

So, on Mondays we are always talking about beauty.  How to make ourselves as beautiful as we can. We thought this Monday, we would take a look at the lovely ladies that inspire us with their beauty. 

All of these ladies are beautiful on the outside, but true beauty comes from inside, and we hope that we never forget that. 

Ahh, Audrey Hepburn are there enough words? Her beauty is timeless and so quirky and unique. 

Gretta Garbo, look at those lips, such a pretty little lady. 

Stand back for this bad-ass, todays party girls don't have a thing on Marlene Dietrich. Nobody looks this hot in a tux. 

And Veronica Lake!? That swoop of blonde hair covering her eye, those pouting lips. Yes sir, a beauty to go down in the books. 

Ok, now this is one of my most favorite ladies. She is so beautiful, it is heart breaking. She was woman enough to land Humphrey Bogart. 

I was always a sucker for Maureen O'Hara. You most likely remember her as the mom in the O.G Parent Trap with Hailey Mills. Such a hot red head!
Yeah, hold on a second for the lady that really brought sexy back. Bridgette Bardo. Wow. 

Ladies and gentlemen, still stunning after all these years, Ms. Lauren Hutton.  A favorite of the ladies at Things-We-Heart! Forever. 

Is it even possible to form words or coherent thoughts when Helena Christensen is in front of you? Now I know what 12 year old boys  must feel like all the time. 

I remember growing up in the age of the 
"Glamazon" models, and I always, always thought Christy Turlington took the cake. She was just so beautiful and classy looking. Both things she still is. 

Iman is like some weird alien beauty. Like how can someone this tall and slim and drop dead beautiful be the same species as all of us mortals? 

Another person I think may be an alien due to her youthful look and jealousy inducing pout, is Liv Tyler. Really 5'9"? Really? Hmmmm. 

We will end with the always lovely Kate Moss. You know how much we heart her. Always have, always will. 

We hope this post made you happy and feel inspired by the beauty in the world and not green with envy over Audrey's eyes or Bridgette's pout. 

Because you are beautiful too! We know you are, 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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