Friday, June 12, 2009

Fashion Friday: We heart rockin' the wedgie...well wedges (sandals not underwear malfunctions)

Hey lovelies...need a hot sexy shoe that's easy to wear, fun to walk in, make your gams look a mile long and won't kill your tooties like a stiletto?... Well you have come to the right place!

For $19.99 we can make you and your legs and outfit look like a million bucks... just 3 easy payments of $9.99...

Ooops... sorry waay too much late night tv... we digress... ;)

But seriously we meant the first part whole heartedly.  There is really only one shoe out there that can do all of that and even spice up your cuteness on top of all the others...oohhh and this amazing all in 1 shoe does one more thing too... you can wear it day or night with out looking like a street walker.  
Wow!  Still interested?  We are too read on for the amazing...never out done...funtastic Wedge heel!  

In the sea of beautiful wedge platform sandals, we bring you a select few for your viewing and shopping pleasure.  
Normal and  cute but still hot wedges are suuuuper easy to find... go in any shoe store big or small and you will undoubtedly score a pair at any price.  But finding a wedge that is show stopping and outfit making, and hot and sexy and sooo great every girl will be uber jealous in a good way is a whole different thing.  We are here for you.  

But be careful..mistakes are easily made.  Read on how to do a Wedge right...

TGIS (Thank God its Summer) cuz rocking any of these beauties is easy and fun in the sun! 

First up..these yummies just scream please take me home and let me make every single outfit you own up a notch.  Thank you Michael Kors for these ridiculously cute Danger wedge. The amazing bright patent yellow will add that extra ooomph to anything.  
How sexy is that toe and that cut out in the heel will make anyone drool and faun over your cuteness!

And if you are just a tee shirt and jeans gal, these will make the entire outfit.  Easy peasy but soooo cute! But pair with shorts and a drape tee and you are on a whole other level of radness.

Really Marc Jacobs, really?  Come one really?  A HEART cut out wedge heel?  
Whaattt!  Wow. Mr. Cutie Bean Jacobs and his team have created a beautiful strappy nude wedge with the most fantasmic heart heel.  There are no words...none except find us these! 

These may be on the more shmancy side (not because they are Marc) but the nude strappy front and delicate (HEART...sorry it's soo good) heel are really best suited for a night on the town... on a special date, paired with a bright colored mini dress or maybe even under a wedding dress!  Right????  They are actually like a beautiful Mullet...they are the definition of business in the front and party in the back. 

Watch out Spice Posh... you do not need a 5-6 inch spike heel to be fierce (we never thought we would use that word here). These gorgeous, architecturally perfect Guiseppe Zanotti wedges are soooo great!  
The gladiator front is perf and will just wrap your hot legs in love.  But then...surprise!  Turn to the side and wow!  Grab a drapey LBD or a super cute white sundress and pair with these and you are instantly chic and RTG!

These maybe a little tough in the day time (but day time party these could work) due to the super exaggerated heel (sorry, I know we said day and night...but these were too yummy to not post)

OMG the cuteness that is Harajuku Lovers!  

Kelly Green, espadrille heel, nude ankle wrap uber high wedge?!?!?!   YES!  These were actually the inspiration for this post.  We were lucky to get a sneak peak at the H.L. for Kitson Summer windows and were super excited at all the crazy cute platform wedges they had.  

How great would these look paired with denim cut offs and a casual tank.  

"Wow..look at how hot and tall that girl is.. she's sooo cute and put together!"  But one will know it is only because of the cuteness of these shoes.  Take them off and you are just another beauty in cut offs...but once they are on, you are uber!

Oh and these come in all black..yum and a suuuper fun version with a sunglass heart on the toe too! TDF!!! (To Die For)

OK, but you may saying... yes T.W.H. gals, I do like a wedge...but I am a lil' tougher than those other wedges.  I like things with more of a fashiony edge.  I'm a little over cute and pretty but I still lurve a trend. 

Have no are the ones we have been waiting to share with you... the piece de resistance....
The all in 1...Sweet Life by Dolce Vita wedge, gladiator, bootie, cut out lace up ...umm I guess shoe?  
So hot, sooo bad its good, soooo wrong its amazingly right, yummy and super naughty but totally wearable!  

These will go with literally anything and spice the crap out of it ;). Leggins and drapey tank? Yes.  Skinny jeans and a tee? YES.  Flowy sundress. Yes please. Shorts and any shirt. Um YES! Try any combo and these crazy wedges will do the trick.

Need a great, fun, sexy wedge that will actually be your go to heel?  The boys will drool and p.s. so will the girls when you rock these Betsy Johnson wedges.  OOOHHH! I actually felt a flutter when I saw these and just got super excited as I was typing... 

Hello cuteness to the 3rd power!!!!  
Only BJ (hee hee) could do these and make them oh so wearable.  Snake detail, striped bow front, painted raffia wedge are sooo cute it hurts! 

Dear Betsey... why are you sooo rad?  Imagine wearing these with skinny dark jeans and a cute tee and cardigan!  The most simple uniform for us girls but these will make it into a must do and much repeated go to outfit. 
 I feel my credit card crying.  SHHHH...Visa...shhh.  These are worth it!  Visa you know how much we heart bows and snake and totally wearable shoes...PLEASE give us a break!  We promise we will wear these a lot and they will go with anything!

Oh and P.S. the light almost nude ankle strap won't cut off your gorgeous gams...

So please, oh please have fun with this trend.  Try to steer clear of the safe wedges and go for fun!  We promise it will be worth it.

P.S. Aldo has our some of our safer favs right now... go here to see and so does Vic Secret and Steve Madden for our hot recessionistas... oooh and so does Bakers!

P.P.S. Here are some examples of what wedges are No Bueno! But we are sure you already know... but just in case you forgot



As if we even needed to say NO


So get out there, get a wedge, show off your legs that you work soo hard on and say screw you stilettos!

xoxo t.w.h.

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