Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random hearts: Hearts Challenger (and 2 other dessert trucks..HC was the inspiration)

These ain't your fathers ice cream men...

As you have probably figured out we are obsessed with all things nostalgic.  Oh that and of course...Ice Cream!  Call it what you want... maybe growing up (a little) or maybe wanting to introduce funtastic things to the angel babies or maybe it's simply because its summertime.  

So what do you get when you combine the 2 things we heart the most???...... ICE CREAM TRUCKS!

So, now imagine our fluttering hearts when we heard about the newest trend..instead of Ice Cream Trucks we are getting...dessert trucks!!!

Yup!  Move over Roach Coaches and Taco Trucks...outta the way old school Ice Cream man with your Popsicles and Snickers and nary a real ice cream bar in sight... sit down hot dog comes...MOBILE DESSERT TRUCKS!!!  

Oooops...did we scream that out loud?! Hee hee...

NYC, of course, has started to corner the market of dessert trucks, but thankfully LALA is not far behind (sorry readers not in 1 of those cities...I'm sure they are on their way to you too!). We may not have as many fun dessert on wheels businesses, but we can hold our own!

So here is what LALA land has for you so far (we will put some links to the NYC trucks at the bottom).

The reason for this whole post should of course be first... so here it is!  Hello cuteness that is Hearts Challenger!  

This may be the raddest of rad ice cream trucks... no creepy music or lame-o rocket pops here folks.  This beautiful hipster, pink unicorn clad truck is filled to the brim with fun toys, cool music and imported ice cream and treats.  

Oh did we mention that they have a great band too?  
Ya, not only are they amazingly cool, have a fantasmic company and idea but they have a great band called, HeartsRevolution.

We would kill for this logo...this is 1/2 the reason we heart them sooo uber much!

It really, truely doesn't get much cooler than these 2. 
Go here to book them at your next party.

If there ever was a super LALA dreamy version of an ice cream it is.  Locali (our fac new neighborhood heathy organic version of a 7-11) brings us a 3 wheeled cart o love called the Icycle!  

This ridiculously thoughful and super LA roving dessert on wheels is filled with organic raw cheese cake, Xylitol sweetened snow cones, amazing single servings of LALAs most delicious hidden secret gelato, Carmela's, and vegan Popsicles.  Yes please! 
Look for them riding around town. 

And the one that every girl (and guys to ya know) with PMS is waiting for with baited breath...Sprinkles To Go Truck!'s not quite ready to tear up the streets with their sweet cupcake concoctions but I bet by the next time we get a crazy craving it will be :).  
Follow them on Twitter for fun updates and ways to get free sugary treats.

Now only if Crumbs had a take out truck.... hmmm then again..I like to keep my cellulite to a minimum (uuuggghhhh).

The jury is still out on this next super cute dessert truck duo called, Coolhaus, but if the ice cream sandwiches are as good as the concept, logo and menu then count us in.  

These 2 uber hipster cuties were architects..hence the names of the sandwiches and the unique way the delish delectables are stacked. P.S. they have edible wrappers for an extra 50 cents!  How's that for eco friendly?!

Go out enjoy the summer sun and know, that lurking around any corner there may just be a Dessert Truck to make your day waaaay sweeter!  

Here are a few for our East Coast sisters and brothers... (luckies!!!)


xoxo t.w.h.

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I am always weak for Ice cream Thank you for your post