Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Hearts: We heart ponytails!

Wow, are ponytails not the cutest, easiest, most casual chic thing you can do with your hair? We heart them.... We wear them almost everyday.  First of all because it is so simple to throw your hair back and second because even the messiest ponytail can look like pure perfection. 

We love them loose and messy, this is a look that works on pretty much everyone.  Leave some hair loose in the front for a sexy fresh out of bed style. 

Things-We-Heart favorite Rachel Bilson, lets her messy low ponytail and nude lips take a backseat to those amazing big brown eyes of hers. 

Yup, for her first big post baby red carpet moment, Miss Ritchie wore a super sexy 1960's style side ponytail. We are super big fans of the ponytail with a fancy dress combo. Just remember to give your ponytail a little extra "Oomph" when you are taking it out on the town.  

Super beauty Molly Sims looks so great with the braided crown leading into a curly side ponytail. We are going to be practicing this one in the mirror to try and get it to look just effortless enough. (It takes a lot of effort to look that effortless!) 

Sorry, we didn't mean to do this to you first thing in the morning... Before you even have your coffee and most likely are still in your sweats.  But alien-must-not-be of our species-uber-beauty Kate Bosworth is looking like a pretty princess with this wavy middle parted low and loose ponytail. This would be such a lovely way for a bride to wear her hair. 
Hmmm Maybe Miss Me can plan a re-newing of the vows, just to do this to her hair, or maybe a nice dinner date is more realistic. 

While we are not usually fans of hair that is bigger then your bottom, if you are lucky enough to have delicate features like Kate Bekinsdale, then go ahead and puff it up! She looks super chic and easy with her high ponytail. 
Not to say all ponytails have to be all-out for us to love them, we are feeling the straight up simple pull it back off your face, pick up your toddler (or your 5 toddlers as the case may be) and head out! 

Make like the original Barbie and own that ponytail.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart
P.S- These are the best ponytail holders. Because they come in colors to match your hair & they don't snag your hair. We heart them. 


thingsweheart said...

LOOOVVVEEEEEE THIS! And yes, it hurt me to see all of those gals with the cutest pony tails before coffee ;)

Reka said...

Love these romantic updos! We used some of your pictures in our article on easy updos for dressing up or down-