Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: Just a Romp(er) in the park....we heart Rompers/Jumpsuits...the grown-up kind

We've said it before (a few times) and we will say it again...We Heart Jumpsuits! (no it is not Spring 2009 when we did this amazing post...I think it was our 3rd post ever!)

Jumpsuits are for sure back in a huuuuge way and hopefully for us they are here to stay!

Stolen from!

Last year only the brave put them down their runways...this year the shy took a brave pill because they romped down 70% of the runways from Stella McCartney and Tibi to Karl Lagerfeld and Lanvin (they also had our fav last spring).

Lanvin Sp/SU 2009

Yes, it does take a daring person to try one on (I mean come are totally nekkid until you slip it up...) but once you will scream out (in a good way) I heart Things We Heart!!!

They are super versitile and easy to wear...just take your time picking out the best for your body.

Here are a few of our faves for Spring 2010...

Oh! P.S. We found the ones we can all you know we are recessionistas-ish so we wont torture you by only putting in ones Super Models wear...
You're Welcome

Stolen from!

We looove Jumpsuits (rompers, playsuits what have you) in the day time...unexpected but totally cute and easy!

OK so Karl Lagerfeld give it to us with this sick ass pink leather romper...

Since we are drooling and can not have it for daytime hotness....we found some you can have!

Hi there heart playsuit from Topshop....What's that you say? You belong in our closets? do...that is why we are going to have you!

This belongs with some cute Oxfords or bright ass sandals...

Easy breesy should be the name of this super cute romper from Free People...

Slip it on...throw on some slouchy boots or combats and are gonna be the one we stare at and and to kill (in the most loving way of course)

Geez louise Cynthia Vincent! You had us at 80's-esque printed cropped leg pink jumpsuit!

And you got it right!
Looove it! This may be a wee bit tricky to figure out how to rock but once you are golden!

Coachella here we come!!!!!!

Dolce Vita's uber cute jumper is perfection for ANY daytime (and some nighttime) event...whether its just shopping or pairing with some knee high riding boots at a music fest or simply some flip flops (not the wedge kind) it is perfect!

There is nothing like wearing a JS to an event, dinner or party...sooo classy...soooo good!
We are freaking over this f'n ridiculously insane one from Erin Featherson!!!!!

Ugghhhggghh...But have no are our nighttime faves from designers we can actually wear!

"Oh this old thing? Hahaha I have had for years"..."Why thank you! Yes it is effortlessly chic and unbelievably sexy..."Oh..I don't know who made it...L.A.M.B. maybe?"

Yes mo' fos it is from the gorgeous Gwen Stefani's line. Someone may have this one coming to add to her line up and she is EXCITED!!!!!

How cuuute is this sweetheart necked, tuxedo-ish short jumpsuit from the "King" of jumpsuits Greyantics by Grey Ant...

LOVE! Pair with some sheer tights (or none at all) throw your hair in a A.Wang/ Miss Me-esque braid and you are GTG!

Going to a black tie affair or shmancy party but want no...need to stand out? Grab this rad one from Wink.

Sex in the form of a classy jumpsuit! Done and deliciously Done!'s on sale! Throw on some gorgeous stilettos or sky high black booties and you will make Carrie Bradshaw fall at your feet.

Thank you to Twenty8Twelve for giving us this beautiful JS.

This screams beautiful summer wedding or elegant party in some amazing beach town.
Tan your gams and you are ready!

P.S. Stay away from those annoying stretch jersey ones usually found on Melrose Ave or W. Broadway from the cheapy stores (not that you have to spend a ton to look good)
But this post is about the ones done right...not the ones done wrong...

P.P.S. You will kiss us again and again after you embrace jumpsuits!

xoxo things we heart

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