Monday, February 8, 2010

Beauty: I wanna platinum blonde life....

Blonde, Blonde, BLONDER!
Right now Miss Me has a super bad color crave and it is for blonde, blonde hair! Baby blonde, Platinum blonde, the blonder the better.

A few things set off this color, or lack of color jones for me, here they are in no particular order...
1. Anne Hathaway as the White Queen... STUNNING
2. The adorable and super blonde Drew.... Whom always inspires us with her cutes.

3. Evil pictures sent to Miss Me from Miss t-w-h of the unearthly beauty that is Kate Bosworth... Grrr, those pictures haunted me! What planet is this girl from!?

I mean seriously.... Right?

So all those images combined in my brain and I just started dreaming blonde.

Truth be told, those Kate Bosworth pictures sent me over the edge... I called I booked, I got as blonde as possible (for me) in one appointment, and now I wait. I wait with bated breath, for my next appointment with the talented and patient wonder woman who holds the fate of my hair in her hands.

So until Miss Me's locks are as blonde as they wanna be, lets enjoy some of the beauties that inspire hundreds of girls the world over to hit the bottle... No Not wine bottles! Bleach bottles!

Ladies & Gentleman blondes we heart...
Ahhhh, Ahhhh, The queen bee blonde. Miss Marilyn Monroe.

Not many girls can make both men & women swoon.

OK... We are taking it back a little bit here... Remember in the mid to late 90's... A super tall, super sexy, super blonde, super model?

Arrrggghh! We have to scream when we see that amazing freckle face! Nadja Auermann!

So beautiful!

The Famous and sexy Jean Harlow.

Silver screen siren, she owned that Platinum hair.

We can't talk about blondes we heart, with out talking about the number one platinum blonde of our generation, Sexy Stefani.

Gwen, like K. Bosworth, is an alien from planet Gorgeous who has invaded Earth and haunts us with her rad style and insane beauty.
If we didn't love her so much, we would hate her.

Speaking of sexy.... Really? Really? Really, Sexpot Johansson!
Do you really even have to be in movies? Because that forces us to sit next to our husbands and boyfriends in theaters and living rooms all over the world and feel inadequate.
A curvy, luscious lipped blonde who oozes sex? Sure come on over, we are just here hanging in our sweats eating chips. Grrr.

Look how pretty P. Cruz looks as a blondie! Even if it is just a wig for a photo shoot. The gal looks smokin!

This may be one of our favorite pictures of Penelope.

Even St. Kate was platinum for a while. And once again, she proves that she can look good anyway, anyhow.

Soooo Good! Who can touch that woman? She is fabulous.

When I was in the store the other day, my eyes fell upon a Self magazine with a bleach blonde on the cover... Wait a dang second, I thought....

Is that McFever?! Heck yeah! Go ahead with your bad self girl.
She looks so great!

Anyone can make this transformation, the key is doing it the right way, you can't just slap a bunch of creme bleach on your head and expect to look like Marilyn. If you do that, you will look more like a spider witch and your hair will fall out.
(TRUST us we know... Miss me went through a home bleaching disaster in High School... Drew Barrymore in Mad Love was what I was going for.... NOPE.)

So for now, we crave blonde.. But don't worry brunettes and gingers... We heart you too!

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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Combat Joey said...

I'd like to add Maja from the Sounds to your list =)