Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random hearts: We suuuper heart DIYing it!

Remember the days when you would sit in your backyard or on the sidewalk making tie dye shirts with a bag of rubber bands and hair color bottles filled with dye?

(PS now they make kits...or I guess they did then but we didn't spend the moolah on them)
Or when all of your friends were going to the Broadway for fun new clothes and your mom was dragging you to the local Joann's Fabric to pick out a pattern for your new dress?

We would totally wear this dress now!!

Uh huh...we do and for some weird reason it makes us smile bigger than we ever have!

At the time it seemed like the worst thing ever but now it's pretty amazing that you and mom created things together (well mom...I will over look a few of those needlepoint picks we had on the walls).

Either because of the recessions, war, unemployment or simply because our world is getting soooo uber complicated...creating in your own home items that others make is suuuuper chic...

Let's DIY!

At the bottom of a lot of our posts you get to see fun ways to DIY things we talk about but there are things we have been obsessing over that are sooo fun they deserve their own post! Woo hoo!

The entire reason for this post is this crazy cute DIY Cheese Making Kit...Miss TWH gave her suuuper yuppy and amazingly rad brother, this kit at a local Sew It Yourself store and she became instantly obsessed with all DIY kits...

Her brother said it was by far the raddest gift he has ever received! And at $25 a pop (well the one above is a bit more...deluxe version)
He made some of his own DIY mozzarella and said it was amazing!!!

With one of the cutest (yet totally contrived) holidays coming up...wait is it a holiday if people still have to work?....Anywhoo...with the big day o' love coming we found these j'adorable DIY candy wrappers!!!
Who needs $$$$ customizable M&Ms when you can be even more personal and recessionista chic with these?!?!? Soooooo cute!
Just take your lovers or friends fave candy...print out the wrappers and voila!

Anyone over paying $5 for a delish Ice Blendie from CB&TL? Or Frapp from Starshmucks?
The big "O" shows us her fave and super cheap recipe for one!
Or buy the DIY kit from "The Bean" and save yourself some hassle, time and moolah by doing it at home!

OK...there are almost noooo words to tell you how insanely jealous we are of the people who came up with these vintage teacup candles...

How beautiful! Just pick up some teacups at your local flea market or Salvation Army and get going!

What You'll Need

  • antique, pretty teacups, with or without saucers
  • enough soy wax to more than fill each cup
  • essential oil for scent (I used Lily of the Valley)
  • wicks that equal your number of cups
  • double boiler
  • Pyrex cup or funnel
  • chopsticks or wooden skewers
  • stirring tool, such as a rubber scraper
  • To find out how to make it, read more.
    • Pour the soy wax into the double boiler. Let it simmer until the wax is clear liquid.
    • Center the wick in the bottom of each teacup. Put one chopstick or wooden skewer on either side of the wick, balanced on the rim of the teacup, to keep the wick centered.
    • Add a small amount of your scented oil to the melted soy wax. Mix with your rubber scraper, and then pour into your Pyrex measuring cup.
    • Pour the wax into the bottom of each teacup. If the wick gets a little off-center, you can reposition it before the wax sets. Let wax harden. Repeat this process until the cup is half full. Repeat a third and fourth time until the cup is full. You'll want to continue adding small amounts of the scented oil to make sure that the candle is scented throughout.
    • Wipe off any spills with a warm, wet rag.
    • Clip the top of the wick so it's about half an inch taller than the rim of the cup.
    • Light, and enjoy
Our friends made their own candles out of goblets for their wedding (yes they are over achievers and actually made time for it) and it was suuuuper romantic and $$$ saving...not to mention gorge!!!
PS Anthro sells teacup candles for $18 a piece! DIY it!

Remember how much we suuuuuper heart the genius that is Raquel Allegra????
Yeah the beauty that launched the shredded tee craze seen on our fave celebs?

Well, we just learned how to do it...Um 2 warnings....
1. It takes HOURS to do each one (no wonder she charges a lot!)
2. Out of respect for her amazing art form and the fact that she deserves her praise we will not post the DIY we found...
(ppssstt... Google it!)

We suuuper heart this next DIY. They would make amazing gifts or shower favors.
We heart these DIY perfume solids in vintage tins soooooo crazy much we keep trying to find time to make them for all our shmancy friends!!!
Here's how!

Ooooohhhhh how great would this vintage Vaseline tin be for your new solid perfume business??!?!?!
Thanks Ebay!

OMFG watch this DIY sock monkey video to make a great kids gift!!!!
Plus it's worth it even if you don't need to make one just for the super cute music they used in the background!

So what ever it is you want to DIY...just Do It! It's fun...creative and hey it beats driving to that crappy mall again.

Have fun j'adorable crazfty craftersons!!!

xoxo things we heart

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