Thursday, February 4, 2010

Decor to KILL for: My bloody Valentine...

Two things inspired this post... One the insane blood-like stains on this amazing Rodarte dress and this crazy Dexter inspired room!

Something about the pure white with the shocking slash of red is just as visually beautiful as it is unsettling.

And if you have $2,500 to spare you can own one of these hand embroidered blood stained chairs by Amy Lau.

Super expensive, but simply stunning, the fact that that is embroidered makes it so much more awesome then paint or dye.

As for the rest of that inspirational dinner party tableaux, Well, it may be gross to eat at a table dripping in blood, so if you ever get a chance to dine at a table like this... Stick to a Vegetarian menu.

Look closely at those wine glasses... Yep those are finger prints are meant to be there.

Taking a cue from the room and that DRESS!
We have looked high and low for bloody valentine inspired decor for you, and of course us... And away we go!

Be still our bleeding black hearts! We flipped for this heart shaped knife block set from ViceVersa.

The perfect Valentine gift from your Nancy to his Sid! Oh... Or maybe knifes are not the best idea.

Classic Halloween decorations look less hokey and more haute when we are not expecting them, ie: not in October.
Pair these bleeding taper candles with simple bone white candle holders on your mantel and you are simply flirting with haunting your house.

If you are anything like the T-W-H gals, most people know not to fuck with you before you have your coffee in the morning.... But just in case someone forgets, we love this bloody, brass knuckles mug.

Because it really is the best part of waking up.

This body outline rug is so far out and so silly... Of course we love it!

Such a great conversation piece for your pad.

These lamps are actually kind of too gory for us, but they are just so perfect for the post.

You can get your bleeding lamp here.

So all the blood and macabre aside, even though we are peace loving hippies at heart, a little red on white decor never hurt anyone.

We still super love this pistol with a flower stuck in it though!

Give peace a chance.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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