Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decor to die for: Throw down....

Throws or handy little snuggly blankets that keep you cozy and look pretty are being put to good use in our houses this week... What about yours?

Here are are favorite small blankets to cuddle under while that rain beats down outside!

Starting, in no particular order, with our fake boyfriend Jonathan "J'adorable" Adler and his Nixon throw. Clean, graphic and cozy.. Just the way we like it in our nests.

Some thing about this beautiful Fireside throw by Matteo was calling our names... Something about it was so warm and familiar, it reminds us of something we can't quite put our finger on...

Wait.... GOT IT!

It's a total Spicoli style "drug rug" poncho made into a very luxe and classy affair! We love it! No wonder it was screaming our names.. It must have remembered us from High School.

Don't know how many times we gotta tell you, we heart, heart, heart P.B.T! Yes, it's true, we also heart P.Y.T, (Rest In Peace M.J)

But we are talking about your nest, so when we say P.B.T it can only mean one thing... Pottery Barn Teen- Our go to spot for affordable preppy cuteness.
Like these PomPom throws. I'll take mine in white, thanks.

Do we even have to say it? Faux fur thows??? Scrumptious! In white or deep brown? So very sexy.
The grown up Pottery Barn has these beauties... But hurry they are almost gone.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, even though we love you and bow down to your interior know-how... We are super jealous of your flawless skin, your casual elegance and to top it all off your genuine sweetness. Now you go and do this?
Grrr... WHY!?

Psss.... Miss Me's birthday is ONLY 5 months away... Anyone want to get me one of these amazing K.W for Serffa throws? Anyone? Honey? Anyone?

O.K, Moving on.

There... Are.... No.... Words....

Looks like a super innocent, sweet little lavender throw right? No way guys...
It's the Mother F*ing CRACKEN!

Ohhhh, Ohhhh Thomas Paul, You KILL... You just KILL!

We heart the tattoo style art on this Basotho Throw. Not to mention the always winning color combo of peach, turquoise and black.

Uh-Oh... Miss t.w.h, Don't look now, but I think I found your birthday present!
Kitten lovers of the world unite under this fleece throw with a precious little kitten face on it.
Awwww, Snuggles! It started off as a joke but the longer I look, the more I love this little guy... Maybe I better order two...

Stay home... Snuggle up with your sweetie and a good movie...
(If you have not seen "Away We Go" yet, you need to NOW... Really, NOW!)

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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