Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Hearts: early 90's jams that you love!

Today, we are bringing it back with cheesy music that you can't help but love!

Songs that even if you didn't like them then.... You LOVE them now..... Truth be told you loved them then! Don't lie.

O.K some are really bad, you may still hate them!

Let's take it back into the 90's people.

Slow Jams A'la Arsinio Hall!
Love the jackets fellas...

Awwww yeah!

Remember when they used to show videos after 90210?!
you know that you loved some Shanice!

Miss Me had the Pebbles cassette! LOVE this jam.

Are you a naughty girl? Do you need love too?

Everybody dance now....

Twins??? We were not aware of the horrible genius of this song when we were young, wait, correction... It's just really horrible.
(Great Halloween costume though!)

We are gonna leave you with this, because this song drove us up the wall! But it is really catchy!
Thanks for taking this trip with us.

XOXO- Things-We-Heart