Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Bueno: Being too tired to exercise!

The alarm goes off on your clock, phone, Blackberry, Droid, Iphone telling you it's time for a work out, and a teeny tiny voice in your head knows what needs to be done. But how are you supposed to workout and do a good job when you are sooooo sleepy?!??!?!

How are you supposed to start off 2010 (WOW!) on a good foot if you can't stop eating junk and get your tush off the couch and into a gym or outside?

Here's how!

1. Grab a glass of real OJ (yes there is a bit of sugar but it is natural and should give you a great boost of energy)


Make a cup o' joe (yummmmmm) or tea for a caffeine boost
2. Give your self an exact time you will be able to work out. Only have 45 min? Perf! Make your workout 30 min long and have the extra 15 min for lag time

3. Know exactly what exercises you need to do and in what order so you feel like you can conquer the beast and get a good burn goin (hahhaa sounded soooo trainerish of us)

4. Put a cute outfit on (you too boys)...we promise, it really helps you get motivated

5. Just do it already! The sooner you start it the faster it will be over!!!!

6. Bye bye cellulite!

7. OK...go go go...NOW...stop reading this!

NO? Hmmmm...maybe THIS will help!!!!

Or THIS....2 kids and a job...ya think she's not tired too?

Enjoy the day!

xoxo things we heart


Imerson said...

It is a paradox for me. If I have a good exercise in the morning, I'm more alert the whole day than when I don't.

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Yeah but Gwen is really Wonder Woman. ;) Exercise in the morning makes me more alert as well. As long as I don't sit around doing nothing the rest of the day.