Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion Friday: Brian Atwood....will you marry us???

*** WARNING ***
This blog post today is more like shoe porn than a chance to shop it our. This post is not for the weak at heart when it comes to beautiful shoes. There are more pics than words and most of the products you can not click on to purchase (after all only very few people sell them and most are over $600) but we promise you will be as satisfied as a makeup junkie who wins a lifetime shopping spree at Barneys and Sephora.
*** end warning ***

Will you marry us?
Not because you are gorge and used to be a model...and not because we are super jealous that you are dating the cutie bean that is Nate Berkus

(Yes...that hot, HSN sellin' interior designer from Oprah) but because you somehow made the perfect and super rad heel (some how) even better!
We promise to love and cherish your stunning stilettos and to always tuck them into their pretty boxes at night.
Think about it Mr Atwood...take your time...we will wait.

Move over Mr. Louboutin (OK don't reeeally move over...just maybe shift a bit to the side to make room for your only true competition in the glass slipper business) a new guy is taking over the "perfect pump" title and he is coming fast to grab it.

While walking on vacation our hearts skipped a few beats when we gazed upon the most perfect studded 5.5 inch pump.

Hmmm no red sole so it can't be the God that is Christian Louboutin...the heel is soooo beautiful and stunning there is no way it is Manolo Blahnik...we walk closer to see a manly signature on the insole that reads "Brian Atwood".

We died and went to heaven (until we asked for the price). These stunningly glorious periwinkle (LOVE THAT WORD!) studded, clear sided stilettos were even better on!!!!
Then we saw this pic of our idol that is SJP wearing them for SATC2 that proved to us they were meant for our feet.

Then we ran home to do research on our new obsession. Mr Atwood is no's just his time. As soon as he stepped up his game in the towering stiletto business Bally came knocking....
And he became the CD (creative director) for the long standing brand. Uggghhh look at that bootie!!!

Speaking of seems that the perfect pump is not his only specialty....
Although we are not huuuge fans of real skins from exotic animals...the shape and design of this "Brie" bootie is TDF!!!!

We kept seeing this next bootie over and over in magazines and could figure out who the F made them...until now. We died a little inside when we figured out it was BA
PS this bootie should (and is not) be named after us since we lust it sooo bad it hurts.
Oh hello there amazing bronze patent leather yumminess....hello. We heart you and your amazingness...

Dear God...make me a we can fly far...far, far away from here. No words...none...none...none. Just a tear or 10. Please please please bring us these rainbow crystaled pumps...PLEASE!!!!!!!
PLEASE!!! We will sleep with them on our down pillows and kiss them in the morning....PLEASE!!!!

NO? No rainbow pump? Boo! OK then how about these yummy leopard numbers????

These kitty cat stilettos would looove to go with our vintage full length slips or our yellow mini dress....just sayin'

Ummmmm...remember those periwinkle (how cute is that word?) studded hotnesses???? Well these black rivet open toed ridiculousnesses are their evil twin. YUMMMERS!!!!!
We will wear you to dinner ever night with our skinny jeans and a blazer...then we will take you off and rest you on a shelf for all to see. Come home now.

Uh oh!!!!!!! Um wait.....WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?
Black patent stitched puffer hidden platform stilets?????? Hello! Dita Von Teese has got nothin on you!

This would be our dream of dream shoes if we or a friend were getting hitched....The creamy nude patent leather is unbelievable!!!!! Tres chic!
We have an unhealthy, crazy obsession with nude heels. So bad our credit cards scream out even when we just walk by a pair.

Oh there you are rainbow stitched, suede, amazing, sexy, gorgeous, perfect, rad, awesome, stunning go with everything pumps. Where have you been?????
Not in our closets that's for sure....but you should be!!!!!

And to make matters even is his abode with NB.

We would totally showcase shoes on shelves too! And herringbone wood floors!?!??!?!?!?! Come on! Give us 1 break...dream shoes and dream floors! Poop on you!

Now this is the way to do 70's pink puff or lavender leather in sight....

We will wait Mr Brian Atwood....we will wait for your answer. Until then we will make sure we give ourselves pedicures every week so we can be ready when you say..... YES!!!!!

xoxo things we heart
(Not a BA shoe...but we always end with a heart pic and this shoe is perfecto!!!)


Angie Rebennack - the Outfit said...

the best part about being a 6' tall gal is wearing heels!!

Traci Mueller said...

Oh my god I'm dead at the rainbow rhinestones and the rivets! Dead!

kkist said...

I have died and gone to heaven....Gorgeous!!! I want, I want...I want them all!!!!