Friday, January 22, 2010

Fashion Friday: This ones for the boys! Or for you to buy your boys ;)

Yes, you have come to the right blog...your favoritist blog in the world, Things We Heart...but today's post is dedicated to all of the Cutie Mcgootie boys in our lives and our yummy blog boys too!

And NO this is not a post filled to the brim with pictures of Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr (who btw is just as F'n stunning in person), George Clooney (Mmmmm) or David Beckham...this is a post chalk full of super cute fashion picks for the scruffy set.

Um why??? Because we lurve them, squish them and the big Vday is comin and we are quite sure there will be tons of posts dedicated to that that are just for the girls ;)
And away we the Land of Boys!

The cardigan that inspired a post...Psycho Bunny (you had us at the name alone!) is a uber cute mens line we found at Barney's for the boy.

He looked soooo cute in this short and tight cardi we couldn't keep our hands off! Looks super good with a vintage tea under it...

Oh..hee hee speaking of vintage tees...
He would looove a great perfectly worn out one...

We found this amazing Iron Maiden one on Ebay...too bad it's 200 clams or we would be wearing it this weekend...Oh're's for him...not us.

Ooooohhhh...we looove a good pair of shades on a cute boy. These Raen glasses would look hot with some tight chinos, yummy soft tee and converse...
Loooove the wood grain effect!

Hello cute boy pants! How are you? Sexy? Yes you are!

These skinny fit army chinos are soooo yummy! Pair with a worn out tee or wrinkly button up shirt and Toms and we are RTG!!! Sex on a stick!

Dear yummy, (faux) stinky, and (faux) dirty sweatshirt from UO...we would heart you on any man.
Especially a man in perfectly skinny jeans and a cute hat!

Dear lord...HOLD US BACK!!!! We are having a man-shoegasim....
Vael took the all too cute Sperry Topsider (one of a certain cute boys fave shoes) and made it into a hightop...Um...YUMMMMMMMMM

No girl (or boy) can resist a hot lad in a scrunchy beanie....
Love this slouchy beanie from Nixon...
2 day old scruff...good jeans...and a loose/tight old tee and you are GTG!!!

Want your boy (or you) to be the most debonair man in the room?
Make him throw this braided cable knit shawl collar cardi on and tada...Mr Distinguished is here!

No We are insanely hearting these drop crotch pants for da boys...
Think boys can't pull these off??? WRONG! I know a certain gorgeously cute 3.5 year old that wears ones like these with a tee and boots and looks more fashionable than anyone you know!
PS I just ordered these :) Hope they look good on me (well? what do you expect..they are cute)

He NEEDs this bike from Chanel....Uh huh...CHANEL!

You know who would look AMAZING on this F'n ridiculously sexy bicicletta? Our style guru (if we were boys) Brad Goreski from Rachel Zoe's office.

He would look tres cute up on it! Brad...get this and call us and take us for a spin!!

We are sooooo inspired to go boy shopping now! Feels good ;)
Get somethin for him/ guys deserve it!
PS That way you won't feel so bad when you shop for yourself! Woo hoo!

Have fun!
xoxo things we heart

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