Monday, January 18, 2010

Beauty-fuls: La beauté des Globes Dorés

Viva la beaute! Viva la ribbons and shout outs to support the devastated land and people of Haiti.
Even with the horror going on in Haiti, the ladies of the Golden Globes managed to pull it together and glam it up! Well some did...and others attempted...

And now...the cheers and (to our dismay) the jeers for some of the beauties of the GG night.

We really really hate to say anything bad about our fellow sisters (the ladies) but we just couldn't resist...must be the ol' Aunt Flo...or just plain honesty with a pinch of bitchiness mixed with a sprig of love for good makeup...

Here are awards for the most beautiful (makeup) of the evening....
(in no particular order)
Oh we heart thee. We will however, try to not factor in your AMAZING dress when we talk about how gorge you looked.

Diane went for the subtle natural beauty and stunningly nuevo '40s hair and let her fuchsia Christian Lacroix gown do the talking.
Diane you look amazing with your coppery-brown smokey eye and perfectly pinkie nude lip.

Drew...Drew...Drew...Drew...We will not let the fact that your acceptance speech was totally fake and overacted. Yes, we know you have been there a million times and win countless awards (that we do think you deserve BTW) but try to be a wee bit more humbled...
We LOVE your stunning rosy lips and equally pretty rosy glowy cheeks! Your whispery grey liner with hints of pearl is TDF! You look radiant as if lit from with in your exquisite Versace dress. get better with age! OK now, yes we are absolutely obsessed with your genius talent but we will try to let that go for the sake of fairness in award season at TWH.
Your natural eye and glowy cheeks are a perfect pairing for your pop of coral on your lips. You look fresh and totally age appropriate (that word is not just for 15 year olds ya know).
PS Nice dress! It is not easy looking glam, subtle, hot and your age at these shows and you did them all super well...bravo!

Zoe Saldana...we have been in heartville with you since you were in Center Stage. And once again we have arrived at the heartville gates to congratulate you on your stunning makeup.
We do take note that you are already stunning but your makeup could have gone another way with that ridiculously rad Louis Vuitton cranberry ruffled gown.
Looove your Liz Tayloresque cat eye liner and perfect pinky-nudey-taupey lip. Gorge! And your hair...yes please...that dress is not an easy one to pull off and look fresh and young at the same time... had us at the blue liner (and at La Vie en Rose).
We super heart your navy cat-lined lids and light pinky nude lip!

You look glamorous with out piling the makeup on. We love it! Not an easy fete when wearing a peacock blue Christian Dior dress (you needed another shoe though but since this is a post on makeup we will keep the lips zipped!)

BRAVO!!!!! Xtina no more Mrs Aguilera- have crossed into Stunning-ville!
Mr twh and I gasped when you walked out with Cher.
Your suuuuper cute new bob and gorge Versace dress were only elevated by your rosy lips and lightly smokey eye (not to mention your rad sparkly skin...we love a dose of glitter at TWH).
We can actually see how pretty you are! Not how much makeup you let your artist pack on you.
You look amazing and beautiful!!!!

And now it's time for the No Bueno awards for worst makeup...not necessarily UGLY, but just not good....

We thought there was no way possible to make Penelope Cruz look bad or aged...
Well her makeup team managed to pull of the impossible...
They aged you! You of all people don't need that much makeup! It's too heavy against that dress, that hair and tanned skin. And while you are at it...try a new "look"!
You are can change up your makeup and you will still look spectacular (well only if you don't over do it)
And with your dark spray tan (that is not a real glow) you give Sophia Loren a run for her money....scroll down...

We would only pray to look as beautiful as SL when we are older but she does need a new hair dresser and stylist and lay off the spray tans a bit...

FERGIE!!! Come on! What is happening??!?!?! We are totally confused.
We are not sure what is off...but it is for sure off. It may be the messy thick prom hair...or the odd makeup that makes you look all one color...or if it's just the overly plumped lips and cheeks but it's not good.
You can do the undone look and this is not it. You need to call in a new us..we will direct you to some amazing people...

And last but not least Miss Aniston. Yes, we loooove the hippie beach girl sooo much it hurts but EVERY time?!?!? Change that shit up every once in a while...You do look beautiful but we are bored...
You are stunning and glowy and you should yell at Chris McMillan for never pushing you to try new things.
And while you are at it, yell at your makeup team for the same thing.
You always look the same whether it's on the streets, in a movie or at the Golden Globes. Just have fun!

Lovelies of don't have to be famous or even invited to an award show or party to dress up and have fun...
Have your own GG in your dress's fun!

Look...we did last night....don't we look amazing?!?!
(not us...just rad)

xoxo things we heart

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Angie Rebennack - the Outfit said...

Great post about the Globes, Miss TWH! Can I just throw my vote in for how in love I am with January Jones' dress!? "So, January, who are you wearing" "Oh just an amazing, simple, elegant and lovely Lanvin number."

That is so my cuppa tea.