Monday, January 25, 2010

Rare Beauty: A deeper look

Taking a que from yesterdays No Bueno post... We are here today to celebrate women who have embraced their unique and rare beauty... And have become legends for it.

Lots of famous beauties have benefited from the knife, and we are not knocking them... But lets look at some of the faces that tell us, it's beautiful to be different. You don't have to look like Barbie to be stunning!

And is there anyone more stunning and rare then Isabella Rossellini? Strong, confident, sweet, talented, skin like porcelain. A darker more rugged version of her mother's beauty has served her well.

Talented, tragic, mysterious, breathtaking.

She may have never recognized her own beauty in her lifetime, but thousands of people are drawn to her sultry depth.

Her image and style are simply iconic.

When Bette Davis arrived in Hollywood in 1930
the studio representative who went to meet her train left without her.... because he could find no one who he thought looked like a movie star.

10 Academy Award Nominations and 2 wins later, I think she proved she was quite the movie star. Her large eyes even inspired a song called "Bette Davis eyes."

Anjelica Houston is not what anyone would call a feature for feature beauty.

But when you mix those features, the dark hair, the sexy almond shaped eyes, her imposing height and strong profile... The result is simply striking.

Certain girls... Jennifer Aniston is one, Sarah Jessica Parker is the queen.... Certain girls, are not exactly what you would think of as classic beauties... But something about their hair, their body, the confident smile, the grace with which they move.... Something about them makes you see them as really beautiful.

These girls have so much moxie, so much confidence, so much faith in themselves... That they land leading lady roles.

From an early age SJP stepped out of the "best-friend" roles and into the spotlight.
And every Sex In The City fan will tell you she deserves it.

Oh, and we mentioned the bodies right... Holy Shit!

But while we are on that page... Was there ever a cuter girl then Ricki Lake in the John Waters days?

Remember her line in Hairspray?
"I bet a lot of your viewers are pleasantly plump!"
Oh, I love her! So happy with herself.... In that movie she land the total hottie too.
In Crybaby she was simply glowing and gorgeous as Johnny Depps little sister.
And she is just as beautiful in her non-movie life.

Do you guys remember that uber crazy looking, uber famous and lovely super model Kristen McMenamy?

Yes, that one on the cover of the book titled, "McMenamy the Legend by Steven Meisel'..... Yeah....

I bet she got her ass kicked in junior high and high school!

Why is it that in the years when people feel the most insecure and vulnerable, their peers are uncapable of understanding that beauty comes in all shapes sizes, colors and is not always going to look like what you expect it to look like?? WHY!?
All that pain!

Because then you get older, and you look around and you say, "Hey, check out that sexy, confident, bad-ass lady with the rad broken nose... Wow, that MAKES her."

And that brings us to Hot-as-Hell-Please let us look something like her when we are 55 years old-Ellen Barkin.
Sure, she kind of looks like a Barbie... If Barbie grew up in Brooklyn and got into fights with the boys.

We are not saying she hasn't had a little this added here, and a little that lifted there... But she looks damn good... And she doesn't look like she bathes in the blood of virgins like some of the women in Hollywood do.
She looks her age, just really, really good for her age.

Plus, she dated Johnny Depp... Done!

So basically, what we are saying is Love yourself... Be confident in yourself and what it is that makes you beautiful. Because you are beautiful.
We know it is hard... It is for us too... But really, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
When you start to see that you are beautiful and believe it in your heart... The rest of the world will see it too.

XOXO Things-We-Heart

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kkist said...

Thank you for these this week! We all need a reality check....and to know we are beautiful the way we are :)