Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decor to Die For: Faux Animal Busts or Bust!!!!

Nothin' says home sweet home like some taxidermy animal heads on your wall and floors....

Sick...discusting...disgraceful...small penis...white trash...

OOOPS we mean nothing says GROSS and POINTLESS and RETARDED like real animal heads to decorate your home or inflate your significant other's tiny, shriveled up ....aahheem...ego.

That said...there is for sure something quirky and punk rock about decorating your walls and floors with animal thingamagigs...the fake kind of course!

Our girlfriend (OK, not really girlfriend but more of a girl who we wish was our friend) Kelly the hotness Wearstler revamped this movement when she began putting ceramic Greyhound statues next to fireplaces and couches in the rooms she designed.

And the trend began...

Animal statues began making it into stores everywhere and into your homes...

Cute wiener dog floor lamp from Urbn! Looove the color!!!

But is time for the most exciting spin off of the animals as decor trend.
Faux and funny animal busts and rugs are here to liven up your space and make you and your friends smile every time they walk by.

Here are a few of our faves!

For the modernista at heart...a see through acrylic deer head. Just a touch of sass and sprinkle of cool.

Someone we just happen to know has 2 of these uber cute ceramic deer heads in her dining room.

They are just small enough to be sweet and just detailed enough to be quirky and fun....

Oh geez....oh goodness gracious great balls of radness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there you amazing bright plastic wire animal are you? Super cute and funny? Yup you are.Loving these safari animals in wire from an Australian company that we can not for the life of us find their info!!!! are so smooshy and sweet...

You look really good with ornaments on you and what if we hung other things on you like forks...or cute bright undies...

That's all we can say about this adorable plush faux fantastical deer bust! Sooo fun! It's screaming to go in your living room atop some striped or plaid walls!!!!

We are in total and utter heartville with these cute yet uberly morbid plush heads from The Cherry Box!!!

They are sooo wrong yet soooo right and kinda Japanese chic-ish. Mr TWH won't let lil' ole me have any :( BOO!

Thank you Anthro for helping us get back on track with your beautiful paper mache safari heads. This giraffe is stunning and delicate.
We love that it's made from old French newspapers!!!! They also have a Zebra, Rhino and Gazelle. Tres Chic!

Love bearskin rugs with out having to harm a beautiful innocent bear or other furry exotic baby???

Grab this hilariously rad plush tiger rug from Amazon. This would look suuper good in a modern room or in front of a big fireplace near some white couches...
P.S. Burt Reynolds unfortunately does not come with that rug ;( sowwy

Don't feel like putting actual 3-d plushy or ceramic animals in your home but would still love the essence of them? Want to squeal with joy every time you see one of these pictures from the fantasmic, Sharon Montrose?????

Yup these are 100% amazing ....100% real...1000% ridiculously cute!!!!

We will take 5!!!! Ughhh we need a baby so we can put these all over the room!!!!!

Life should be about living...not about killing...and who needs to kill when the alternatives are soooo much cuter!!!!!

xoxo things we heart


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where to find that wooden moose mount (the one with the ornaments hanging from it's antlers)?

Anonymous said...

the moose head with ornaments is at

Matt O'Connor said...

Can you tell me where to find the ceramic Chihuahua mounted head? I lvoe it