Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random hearts: We heart a great escape! (And Villa Rentals)

There are almost no vacays (vacation for those of you not living in or from the SFV) as good as the ones where you can truly just get away...Oh btw maybe that's why they are called Getaway Vacays...OK, maybe they are not called that exactly but in our world of TWH they are and should be.

A getaway vacay can really be done at any moment, any time of the year and for any length you are comfy going for...a weekend...a week...a month...what ever...just get away!!!

Instead of staying in a stinky overpriced and overrated hotel or a resort where you are almost held prisoner, maybe try something new...something different...something only a suuuper good friend would tell you about.
And guess what beautiful readers of TWH??...We are that're welcome ;)

We decided to take a GV (getaway vacay) for the Xmas break and boy oh boy did we need it.

We started out in a hotel and after a few poopie days being held hostage to their gross, overpriced food, hairs in our fresh towels and rude service among other no bueno things, we ended up having a blast! This is how we did it...

We called the management to tell them how upset we were for how things were going and then let our polished puppies do a little walking through the good ol' internet to find other places to stay.

There were soooo many options...almost too many to get us out of our GV rut.
After hours of searching and travel agent hunting, we came across a great site that rents villas....uh huh...suuuper shmancy right? Villas???

Well, turns out villas can be small or big...anywhere from 1-20 bedrooms and they are not all crazy $$$$ or for the uber fortunate.
We booked a great villa through for the group and tada!! Pure happiness and elation and fun!

Another blessed savior from hotel hell can be a great site called VRBO (it stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner). They have thousands upon thousands of rentals all over the world from every price range and size to meet you or your groups needs.

Wooo hooo.... Oh and it's suuuper easy to use.
PS If you happen to have a few people or couples going you may even be able to save a few clams.

Another great option for the savvy traveler is a house swap.

Did you ever see The Holiday with Kate W and Cameron D?

No? Oh...OK... in it the girls literally sign up on a website (we happen to find the very one they use in the movie called and live in one another's girl travels to the UK and the other to LA and the hilarity ensues...

But seriously, home exchanges are usually free except for the online membership (which is super affordable) and you exchange your home or apt for one of equal value and voila!!! A super chic and recessionista way to vacay.

DIY anyone? Don't feel like going anywhere or just don't have the time or moolah? No worries...we savvy and crazy chic ladies (hee hee) will help you take a GV from the comforts of your own home.

1. Tell friends and family you will be out of range for a few days
2. Stock your fridge with the sexiest most fun to eat foods...fresh fruit, ice cream, muffins, coffee, champagne or wines, etc...
3. Turn off your phones
4. Go out and get a silky kimono robe and cozy slippers to lounge in
5. Have cash for food deliveries
6. Netflix or rent a few great movies you have been meaning to see
7. Get a good book or some magazines
8. Light some candles
9. Take a bath or 4

VOILA! A perfect GV!!!!

Here are a few of our favorite places to go for the perfect trip:
Villa rentals (only sounds shmancy...well some are but not all)
XE (great to know the current exchange rate for the country you are going to so you are not shocked when a tiny cappuccino costs $9)
Kayak (A perfect air travel great ticket options for the best price for your last minute getaway)

Those hotels won't know what hit them. We will show them who's boss ;)

Get away...not from us but from reality for a totally deserve it!

We heart you...thanks for hearting us. Please pass us along to as many friends as you know!

xoxo things-we-heart


Meade Family said...

Great post! I work in a hotel running the sales department. When I go on vacation the last place I want to be is in a hotel. For my upcoming trip to LA with my sis, we decided to rent a house in the Hollywood Hills. Way cheaper and nicer than staying in a hotel. I'm going to be checking out VRBO. We've been checking out for rentals as well. Love the site! :)

the kidd said...

Another great site for house swaps is It's for people in the creative arts industry looking to swap homes, sublease for a few months or for use as vacation rentals. check it out.