Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday: This week, give- don't get!!!

As we are sure everyone is aware, this Tuesday a major 7.0 earthquake hit Southern Haiti. This is the most powerful quake to strike Haiti in a century.

What you may not know, is that Haiti is the poorest nation in the Southern Hemisphere.

It seems that tragedy often strikes the nations that just simply CAN NOT recover on their own.
The devastation that resulted from this earthquake has left the people that survived, struggling to find their families and take shelter.

We know that all of you agree that you want to help in anyway you can!

Let's cut right to the chase and find out which charities are doing the nitty gritty work, and who will send your donations straight to the people who need it!

(Beware of all the text "such and such a num
ber" Tweets and Facebook updates... Believe it or not, some of these numbers are actually scammers! If you want to use your texting to donate, please double check on line first that it is a valid organization you are donating to.)

First on our list of organizations is Yele Haiti
Started in 2005 by musician Wyclef Jean in 2005, Yele Haiti sole mission is to help the people of Haiti. This means they are already there, they have systems in place and can put your funds into action quickly.

We are big fans of Chairty Water, they suggest you donate to some of their partners for immediate relief.

Here is what Charity Water says about the quake.
An earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.0, shocked the country just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, collapsing buildings and cutting water and electricity services in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. Aftershocks of 4.5 magnitude or higher continued through the night and early Wednesday, thwarting immediate aid efforts for an estimated 3 million affected by the quake. Thousands are expected dead or injured and many more will be displaced with their homes reduced to rubble.
Already one of the poorest and densely-populated countries in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has struggled to overcome the effects of a slew of rough storms in 2008 before this week’s disaster. More than 4 million people (42% of the population) already lack access to safe drinking water. Disasters undercut development efforts tremendously.

42% of these people ALREADY lacked access to clean drinking water! What situation must these people be in now? We have to do something... We all have to do something.

Have set up tents and are helping to take care of the injured people of Haiti. They can use all of our help.

However you choose to give, please do something. Every little bit can help.
The Earthquake killed thousands of people, now the survivors need help staying alive. It is that simple, every minute is a struggle for these people right now.

MSNBC has compiled a list of charities you can give to, please do your research to make sure your money is going to the people who need it.

To find out about charity organizations and how much of your donations go to the actual problem, you can go here. Give Well, keeps an eye on where the money is going and rates charities.

It is such a heart breaking event that has shattered the nation of Haiti.
Please hold these human being in your heart.
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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