Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random hearts: OMFG! We super heart random funny things that are totally useful!


How many late nights do you stay up gripping your wallet in one hand, the phone in the other and your gorge eyeballs fixed to the TV watching the latest infomercial?

Soooo many right? Wondering if Mr. Popeil, or Pope Popeil as he is known around these parts, is going to come up with something even better than spray on hair

or a car door saver (PS this was literally 2 pool rafts hung from the ceiling of your garage on either side of your car!...No...seriously it was...and he made gazillions!)

There is nothing more fun and exciting than random inventions...well almost nothing... The only thing more fun than random inventions are random inventions or ideas that are funny and that actually work!

Cue the 80's montage of a girl running wild through Spencer's Gifts and the checkout aisle at Bed Bath & Beyond...

Remember those slippers that double at hardwood floor dusters?

Yeah we do...and we lurve them! They are amazing! Hi...they are slippers that double as a swiffer!

And what about the OG of all that is random, rad, cool, funny and totally useful...the gold calculator watch!

We super want one of these right this second!

While everyone else is pulling out their Iphones for the newest tip app, trying to figure out what everyone owes for dinner, you can just pop your numbers into your Go Go Inspector Gadget like watch!

Um...Yes Please!

We super and coo-koo crazy heart random funny products that work!

First (but only 1st because it gave us the idea for the post..not because we happen to use it today so it got special treatment...ooopps..hee hee TMI) and foremost we heart and loooove Vinnie's Tampon Case.

Oh BTW this is where we should tell the boys to look away and come back for #2 and on...but we digress...

It's a plastic coated bold canvas wallet sized case that perfectly holds 8ish tampons safely in your purse or car. Not only is it super convenient and you no longer will have to worry about random tampon pieces floating around in your purse...

but it comes with a period calendar of sorts to help you keep track of your days and your friends (helpful to know when to stay away or when to bring them warm CC cookies).

Vinnie's makes newer cases, but there is just something about the OG one that we really heart!

Next up is a perfect one for those of you with 9-5 jobs.

Ever throw your PBJ or Cheese sandwich in the employee fridge, only to find it stolen by another employee?
Well that thievery ends with this amazing random and fun and useful product (RFUP)...the Anti Theft Lunch Bag.

They are Zip-loc bags with "mold" spots on either side of them. So when Sally in Accounting gets a craving for your signature PBJ with Ruffles in the middle (mmmmmm....yum), she will pick it up and think it's been sitting there for weeks!!!

Speaking of a 9-5 job...well these days they are more like 8-8. We have the perfect thing for those looooong days at work after a all night bender with the boys at the local pub. Eyelid Eye Stickers!

Look wide awake while you are fast asleep...just try not to snore...and if you do play it off like you are trying to figure out some really hard stuff and that's your way of working the problem out.

Take that Tammy in Data Processing!
No more tattle telling the boss on you for taking a cat nap at your desk.

This next one is perfect for my crazy beautiful and uber smarty pants partner...yeah she's the one that reads like 10 books while breast feeding, when most are watching Oprah or the Hills.

All of our friends are constantly borrowing books from her endless library...oh did I mention one of her gorge babies is named after a character in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Yeah she is pretty fancy pants smart.

She lends out sooo many books she can't keep track of them all, so what a perf gift!

The Personal Library Kit.
It comes complete with due date stamp, checkout cards and self adhesive pockets just like the real library! Soooooo good right?!?

You know what would be perfect for your breast feeding pal? No...not a hooter hider...but something for the little bunny cat that pops out.

It's the cutest hot water temperature tester in the west!

A super sweet Rubber Ducky that tells you if the H2O is too warm for the angel bunny. Plus it doubles as a bath toy!

Got an Iphone? Sick of buying new protective cases for it? Done spending moolah on shmancy custom covers?
Well, welcome to 2009 bitches!

Totally recyclable, crazy customizable Iphone case for $1.00!!!!!!!! The recession case from Case Mate.
I want an Iphone just for this! Glitter glue and puffy paints here we come!

Perfect gift for your friend that has everything except for a custom Iphone case :)

It seems like August and September are the months for birthdays and parties (guess our parents were super busy in the Winter months staying warm) and what is at every Bday party? Cake!

But nothing is worse than not having a good cake knife at hand...and what a better way to cut a gorgeous cake than with a Hand Saw cake knife?!

Imagine Aunt Selma's face when you pull this bad boy out!

The serrated edges actually glide through that yummy butter cream frosting (and hopefully ice cream cake center) and the rad white gloss finish is farmer chic!

Perfect for the bad ass punk Martha in your life.

Mr. Will Ferrell's SPF! Another crazy rad RFUP!

Hip Hip Horray for Random Funny Useful Products! More More More! They all make amazing gifts...surprise your friends and show up the ones that re gift that same bottle of Cabernet.

Have fun.....Randomly!!!!

xoxo t.w.h.

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