Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Bueno... Litter bugs

You know what is super no bueno? 

Going to the beach on a beautiful sunny day and then running up to dip your toes in the water and seeing a condom float by.... You know what is even more no bueno? When you have your little babies with you when that happens! 

We are so fortunate to live on this beautiful earth, Mother nature has given us so much beauty to enjoy. 

Lets help to keep her beautiful and put our trash where it belongs! 
If the beaches are gross and make us sad to see.... 

Imagine what the fish, dolphins and baby seals think when they see all the garbage out in the ocean. 

You can help! Even by picking up what you see floating in the water or buried under the sand... (You DON'T have to touch the condoms... GROSS!) 
If you want to become really involved please become a Costal Steward

Every little bit helps. 

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