Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bueno: Fashion Week!

Uber Bueno!!!

2 times a year, New York City (and the rest of the fashion obsessed world) stands still and makes way for glamazons and lithy models to stomp through the tents and streets, draped in gorgeous, yummy, fun, eclectic, artistic and crave worthy clothing.

We have been lucky enough to attend a few shows in the past and it is magical!  We are still jealous of ourselves!

The shows have just begun, some in tents and some...the very cool and hip alike, do theirs in warehouses and art galleries...but all of them are no less than spectacular.

Here are a few of our favs so far!  It's only been 36 hours since it began but if things are already this good..imagine how great they will get!

The gorgeous over achiever and Queen of Style herself, Gwen Stefani opened Fashion Week with a chic presentation style show for her line L.A.M.B.  

It was a hit!  Here are 2 of our favs from the many amazing pieces she showed...

Um hi there perfect spring jumpsuit...please jump your way into our closets...


P.S. Love the make up Miss S ;) ....(see rule 1!)

Go here to see more L.A.M.B. Spring 2010.

Oh Vena Cava!  If only we could get our polished lil hands on your TDF clothing!!!!

Love. Enough Said!

Yummy sweet yummy love the hardness of a safety pin bodice on a sweet neckine!

BCBG....can we talk?  Are you the only major department store and retail chain label out there who is accessible to consumers that can still throw a show this F'ing good?  UGH  your dresses are fantastical!

Hi...this was for sure made for us right Mr Azria?  It sure looks like it!

Wow! One shoulder sheer sided mini dress?!?!  Yes and Please! (well after a diet I suppose)

We can't wait to report more...hurry up A.L.C.Erin Wasson x RVCA and Marc Jacobs!!!!!  We are dying to see pics and dream!!!!!

But until then....

Need and just have to have more...Fashion Week Daily is the best of the best fashion week coverage around.  Your day and night can not begin until you read this...just getting one make you feel alive.

Go here to buy tix (that is if you are lucky enough to live or be in the Big Apple)

WWD has amazing coverage for those of us not in NYC...sniffle...tear

Wanna torture yourself?  Get behind the scenes with the models of the runway...uuggghhhh!  I can't stop looking...maybe I am a masochist too!

It's a look at the life of a show...through their blogs, tweets, photos and favs.  Just don't forget...they are just kidding...they are just like us...only super tall!

So have fun and get inspired!  Send us some of your favs...

xoxo t.w.h.

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