Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion Friday: Stalk her style- Sea of Shoes

So as of late, we have become a little wee bit obsessed with Sea of Shoes

And it's not just the amazing shoes that are stealing our hearts, it is the super cute and wickedly stylish little Jane Aldridge

This 17 year old fashion plate always wows us with her mixture of vintage pieces with super lux pieces, all mixed together in a unique and fresh way. 

Like this vintage mens chambray shirt jeans and insane Martin Margiela sandal boots. 

Best of all is that for as lucky and stylishly dressed and blessed as Jane is, she is still just a fun and sweet 17 year old. Check out her awesome dinosaur collection chillin' with her bright yellow T.D.F Margiela booties. 

We love the simpleness of this look... American Apparel tank, black harem pants and a giant vintage gold belt buckle, lots of clunky silver bracelets! (I'm super jealous that I didn't do this first, but I have no problem doing it second!)

This look is super romantic, but at the same time pretty bad-ass thanks to those studded Miu Miu boots. 
So, "what?" you may be asking yourself, does this incredible teenager wear to high-school? 

Oh, just some really cute patchwork jeans from Ebay , an Urban Outfitters tee... Sounds like most other high-school girls, until you note the Miu Miu bag and Dries sandals. (*Jane actually wears a uniform to school, but you get our point)

Not that shoes and fashion is all the Jane and Sea of Shoes is about, well mostly it is but what is wrong with that? 

Jane and her extremely cute mom, from Atlantis Home made 
this very chic and fun chair to be auctioned off for charity. 

See, being in love with fashion doesn't stop you from adding goodness to the world, you just look really great while you do it! 

We can't get enough of this girl, she inspires us so much! 
Look at these adorable toes! 

A true signal that this girl is not taking herself or her success to seriously. 

She really seems like she is just enjoying the ride while she is on it. 

And while it would be easy to turn green with envy at the fact that she has all the most beautiful shoes in the world at her feet, 

We would rather watch in wonder at the cool way she puts it all together. 

For example, we are dying, dying for this plaid cape. 

It is so awesomely (is that a word?) old fashion but so right-now as well. 

With the 2006 Prada boots? Dying! 

Sea of Shoes and J. Aldridge have a line of shoes out for Urban Outfitters. 
You can see them here

Some people are just born with miles and miles of style. So we are gonna stalk this girls style! She is fresh and quirky and has so much fun with fashion. 

All the things we heart about dressing up and buying clothes, Sea of Shoes represents. 

Please take the time to check out Sea of Shoes, and take inspiration from Miss Aldridge's 

YSL cage shoes... Really? Wow. 
XOXO- Things-We-Heart

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