Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random hearts: We heart hot blooded redheads.

Of course, we have to start with the most iconic redhead of our time. 
Lucille Ball is not only funny, smart and sassy... She was actually a true beauty and had the brains to use that beauty and wit to take her to the top. 
Lucy is pretty much the blue-print model for "Feisty redhead". 

Red hair is something a lot of girls long for, but not just anybody can pull off. 

Some people are born to be red, born with that creamy pink skin and strawberry colored hair, like teen dream Molly Ringwald. Oh cringe for the generation of teenage girls that tried in vain to be Pretty in Pink. 

It is not easy... Trust us we have tried... Red is super tricky. 

One girl who we give super kudos to is Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, This natural blonde looks super sexy and just "right" with the long dark red locks. 
(But again, don't try this at home... Miss Me tried it and ended up with super bright 90's red- No Bueno) 

It is hard to put your finger on it... But there is just something so sexy about a redhead. Maybe it is the idea that fire colored hair = a fiery spirit? 

Or just that it is so uncommon to see those pretty redheads in the sea of blondes that rule our fine state of California. 

One example of pure redhead sexiness is Susan Sarandon, 
I mean come on... The woman is in her 60's and is still smoldering! 

Susan is most iconic to me as one of the three sexy witches from the 80's film Witches of Eastwick... Wow, time to rent that movie again! 

Another natural flame haired beauty is Julianne Moore... Seriously? 
I want to say I am jealous in a good way, but I think it is in a bad way. 

Like I kind of can't handle how amazing she is.. It is making me angry. 
SO lets move on... 

Poison Ivy... Poison Ivy... Late at night when your sleeping Poison Ivy comes a creeping... 

What do you get when you take one of the most naturally beautiful women ever and put her in a sexy red villainess wig? A super amazing example of redhead magic. 

Oh, Julia... You were just a little girl from the south... Landing supporting roles as the slut friend in chic flicks like Mystic Pizza and Satisfaction. 

But then you worked that redhead voodoo on some casting director and next thing you know, you are street-walking into America's hearts. 
(You have to wonder why actresses turn their back on the color that made them famous, and go blonde??? Yes I'm talking to you Julia, Nicole K, and Lindsay!) 

One redhead that I don't bet we will see lightening her locks is rock-goddess 
Shirley Manson. 

Do words even exist to describe how bad-ass this stunning lady is? 
Beautiful and bold and bright, bright red. We heart this Scottish beauty. 

Another redhead that we always wanted to be... Is Cherry Valance. 

We so love her in the Outsiders... She is like the luckiest girl in the world, all those cute greaser boys love this ginger. 

Speaking of Ginger, we can't forget the hot redhead who was stuck on an island for 15 years. 

Lets just hope Ginger was getting a litle action from that super hot Professor. 

Their are a few women who have been graced with that intangible something that makes them able to pull off any shade of hair. 

We will call them "The lucky ones", and Linda Evangelista is their queen. 
Is it their skin-tone? Their eyes? What is it that makes the same woman look fantastic as a blonde, a brunette, or even a redhead? 

I guess we will never be able to put our finger on it. 

We just know that we heart redheads... 
And wish that we could be fiery flame haired ladies too. 

Perhaps? We may just get it right one day. 

XOXO- Things-We-Heart

(P.S- a special shout out to my absolute favorite beautiful redhead, Miss Melissa, Love you!)

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